How I gained professional mentorship through my online Developmental Psychology internship, with Intern Abroad HQ.

Interested in a Developmental Psychology internship? Learn about the experience of another intern, to enhance your understanding of the remote internship opportunity. With a strong interest in developmental psychology and goals of working within this field, Ervisa chose this online internship to gain insight into how a developmental psychologist works in practice. Read on to learn how Ervisa was able to become more confident in her abilities and build up her resume, ahead of pursuing a masters degree.

Hi Ervisa! Getting started with this remote internship, how did you settle in and manage the schedule?

My internship experience was amazing! I did not know what to expect going into this online internship, but it went more smoothly than I had imagined. Despite the big time difference between Toronto and India, the meetings that I could not attend in-person were recorded for me. There was a lot more content than I’d expected in the first week, which kept me busy and engaged! My psychology internship supervisor was very communicative and warm, so I learnt a lot. There was a memorable moment in the beginning, when I was on a meeting about counseling for the transgender community. We had a guest speaker and time to ask questions and discuss the information with the supervisor, as well as with other interns. During that meeting, I learnt a lot and it made me excited about attending more meetings!

How I gained professional mentorship through my online Developmental Psychology internship, Intern Abroad HQ

What were the highlights from this internship experience?

The internship was hosted out of India, so interns participate from all around the world. The internship consisted of observing clients or listening to guest speakers and the group chat always felt very supportive. I felt that we were all treated equally well and were able to share diverse perspectives. I was really happy to go to my internship sessions every day. Everyone was so nice and we got to hear experiences from so many workers who have spent decades in their field. I’m personally very grateful for my supervisor as she was such a good mentor for me. She guided me through this internship and looked out for me. I am trying to figure out where I want to go in terms of my career and future, so her professional mentorship and guidance was a big strength. I was glad to be part of such a multicultural and kind environment, where I was able to learn many things.

What did you learn and take away from this internship experience?

Hearing the experiences of the professional guest speakers, and even their own life journey to get to where they are today, I felt really empowered. The more I heard about their interactions with others in psychological practice, the more motivated I felt in wanting to continue my own career path and do some of the work they have.

I want to get a Master’s in psychology and would like to obtain more lab experience, as well as work or obtain volunteer experience in professional environments, so that I can build up my resume. This internship helped me to start on this path. When the time is right, I will pursue my career through further education and from there, attain my PhD. I think this journey will take a long time but I will take all of my experiences, such as this internship, and reach for more opportunities. This investmnent of time and effort enables me to truly invest in a career that I enjoy.

Through this psychology internship experience, I learnt a lot about pacing myself through my life, not feeling rushed to know everything now, but to slowly build up skills and knowledge until you reach the level of being able to help others. It was an empowering experience!

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