Tinevimbo's testimonial on how interning remotely with Intern Abroad HQ helped her pursue a Human Rights career.

Tinevimbo Takawira, a student at the United States International University-Africa, recently completed two remote internships to gain diverse international career experience. Tinevimbo interned on a part time basis, commencing with Legal Support for Human Rights Advocacy (hosted out of Tanzania), before moving onto a Human Rights Advocacy internship placement (hosted out of South Africa).

Both of these internships are in-line with my long-term career goal - to be a human rights activist for those who cannot use their own voices. The Legal Support internship has cemented my passion for human rights and given me even more enthusiasm for my career path. The internship provided me with a platform to practice what I want to become: a voice of the voiceless in the context of human rights in societies.

Were there any surprises at the beginning of your remote internships?

The first week of my internship was great! When I initially spoke with my supervisor before commencing, she provided me with background on the organization and I was immediately eager to begin. When I actually started, I was not disappointed at all - everything went so smoothly. Everyone in the organization was very relatable in terms of culture and clearly communicated to me my role and responsibilities.

What were your main responsibilities during your remote internship?

As a Law & Human Rights intern, I was responsible for administrative support of the organization. I analyzed legal documents, made reviews with the guidance of my supervisor and contributed to the design of educational materials involving human rights and children’s rights. My tasks supported the organization and its goal of promoting human rights and making justice accessible to everyone.

Tinevimbo's Legal Support & Human Rights Advocacy Remote Internships with Intern Abroad HQ: The internship provided me with a platform to practice what I want to become: a voice of the voiceless in the context of human rights and social justice in societies.

What skills did you develop from your remote internships?

My remote internship experience helped to boost the skills I developed in school while also helping me gain skills I need for employment, including:

  • Time management - I had to deliver my internship tasks in a timely manner while also ensuring that I didn’t get behind in school
  • Communication - I gained more confidence when communicating with my supervisor and co-workers as I had to frequently send feedback and updates on my progress with my tasks
  • Attention to detail – I learned how to thoroughly read and analyze laws and statutes of a different country and how to pay close attention to every detail during supervisory meetings so that my work was high quality
How did you manage the flexible schedule of a remote internship?

I was able to do this internship concurrently with my degree which was great, but I did have to manage conflicting deadlines. To resolve this, I incorporated my internship into my school timetable so that when I finished class for the day, I could immediately start on my remote internship work. I also used sticky notes to track priorities for the day and stay organized.

What was your most memorable achievement from the internship?

My biggest achievement was completing the second document I prepared on child protection. My supervisor was very pleased with my contribution and impressed with my understanding of child protection regulations. I was so delighted, and it really boosted my confidence.

Overall, I feel more empowered in my field and inspired by the tangible impact of human rights advocacy. While human rights efforts can be a slow process, I know they will eventually yield good results. I’ve learned that we can be the best versions of ourselves if we direct our efforts towards the things that we are passionate about.

Why do you recommend Intern Abroad HQ?

I highly recommend any student in any field to consider Intern Abroad HQ for their internship placement services. They offer the perfect level of flexibility and customization with their internships - it is perfect for students who are juggling school and work at the same time. Intern Abroad HQ provided consistent checkups and feedback throughout the internship process which was so helpful.

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