How To Intern Abroad On A Budget with Intern Abroad HQ.

Looking to gain international career experience or considering studying abroad? Taking an internship abroad is a much more affordable alternative to studying abroad that allows you to gain real world experience in a professional work environment that goes above and beyond the classroom. This will strengthen your resume, help you develop practical career skills, and help you stand out in college or job applications.

With inflation rising around the world, we don’t want money to be the reason you miss out on interning abroad! Especially because the cost of securing an internship now will seem like an investment in the future, once you’re reaping the rewards of your experience. There are plenty of ways you can make sure you secure a really affordable international internship. Here’s how:

Interning Abroad with Intern Abroad HQ On A Budget.

1. Plan ahead!

The number one thing you can do to keep costs down is to get organized and book your internship early. This means you’ll be able to secure your first choice of travel dates, lock in cheaper flights, and freeze the price of your program free.

Once you’ve been accepted onto your chosen internship, you can reserve your place by paying the deposit. This confirmation allows us to reserve your desired internship dates while we arrange your placement and customize your internship.

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2. Gain academic credit for a fraction of the price

Maximize the value of your internship experience by using it as a platform to gain academic credit. If you’ve always wanted to travel or study abroad, and were planning on doing it anyway, why not also ensure that you’re academically rewarded for the experience? It could literally end up cheaper than earning the same number of credits on campus (especially for out-of-state students).

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Intern Abroad HQ How To Intern Abroad On A Budget.

3. Book your flights early

Flights are one of the more pricier elements of interning abroad. Book airfares early to get much cheaper and more flexible options. Pro tips for booking cheap flights:

  • Choose to fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday instead of the weekend
  • Book 40-70 days ahead of your planned departure date
  • Book in January for spring break dates and for flights to Europe or Asia for travel in May

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4. Choose a strategic destination

Choose a destination that’s geographically closer to you to secure cheaper airfares. South Africa and New Zealand are popular study abroad destinations, but the cost of airfare to these destinations can cost more, compared to countries nearer to you.

Here are some of our top recommendations for cheap flights based on your home country:

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Intern Abroad HQ Interning Abroad On A Budget.

5. Choose a shorter duration

Before applying for an internship abroad, consider your budget and how long you want your experience to be, as the duration of your experience will impact the program fee.

A short-term internship (just 2-4 weeks, for example) will be relatively affordable, compared to a long-term internship (8 weeks or longer). This is because the program fee includes accommodation - and in many cases, meals as well!

If you want a long-term internship, consider destinations where the cost of living is lower. Popular choices include internships in Africa, Asia, Central or South America.

If you want to intern in a country where the cost of living is higher - such as Spain or Greece, for example, you might choose a shorter internship duration, to help control your budget.

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6. Pick your dates like a pro

It goes without saying that if you head overseas during peak travel periods the costs will be much higher! Intern Abroad HQ has flexible year-round dates, so you can schedule your internship when it works for you.

Consider interning outside peak travel seasons to get more affordable flights. Choosing a “shoulder season” for your internship also enables you to beat crowds of tourists and potentially secure better deals for booking activities and excursions.

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Interning Abroad On A Budget with Intern Abroad HQ.

7. Look for scholarships and grants

There are many organizations that offer scholarships and grants specifically for students looking to intern abroad. Check with your school’s study abroad office or do a quick online search to see what’s available. Make sure you also keep an eye on our scholarships page for opportunities that will allow you to intern abroad.

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8. Consider a remote internship

This can be a great way to gain international experience without the added cost associated with international travel.

Intern Abroad HQ’s remote internship opportunities enable you to start when you like, choose your own hours, and intern online from anywhere in the world!

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Interning Abroad with Intern Abroad HQ On A Budget.

9. Find a provider where your dollar works for you

With Intern Abroad HQ, your pickup on arrival, orientation, accommodation, meals*, and comprehensive in-country support are included. Plus you get customized support to secure your internship placement, and ongoing coaching for professional development, via an experiential learning curriculum.

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So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your internship abroad now! It will not only make your whole trip much more affordable, it’ll also avoid last minute stress and make you feel incredible knowing you’ve got something awesome locked in!