Bojeong's Human Rights & Law Internship hosted out of Tanzania with Intern Abroad HQ.

Considering a remote Legal Advocacy & Rights Education internship?? Senior student at Northeastern University, Bojeong Kang, is majoring in criminal justice and psychology and just completed this online Law internship with Intern Abroad HQ. Here, she discusses her internship tasks, making a difference, long term goals, and biggest takeaways during her 16 week placement.

Interning with a human rights advocacy group was an incredible experience because I was given the ability to learn about international humanitarian law and policy via legal research and analysis.

I was tasked with undertaking in-depth research of investigation and conciliatory procedures, as well as field experience in Tanzania. I conducted research on my host organizations areas of interest to aid in the development of their long-term objectives and learned how to interact professionally with individuals from various walks of life.

My supervisor has taught me so much, and I’ve had such a great time working with her. Not surprisingly, I was able to acquire outstanding legal document drafting skills and superior written and oral communication abilities. I feel this internship experience will be directly applicable to a job or career path that I’d like to follow next year.

Settling into my online Law internship out of Tanzania

I was really excited to start my internship, meet my supervisors, and learn more about the historical aspects related to the Tanzanian Constitution. From day one my supervisors were understanding and helpful in all aspects including the time difference between us and my scarce prior knowledge of Tanzanian law. They were always forthcoming with feedback which was incredibly beneficial to my development. Regular skype meetings allowed me to debrief on anything I was unsure of and get the support I needed in a very comprehensive manner.

Human Rights & Law Internship hosted out of Tanzania with Intern Abroad HQ.

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How I made a positive impact

During my internship my research contributed to furthering my host organizations knowledge of common and general law. I was also able to share my experience in both South Korea and the United States on various social beliefs and how people comprehend various legal issues. I believe my personal approach and dedication to the tasks I was given went a long way in demonstrating just how committed those working for (and with) human rights organizations are.

Key takeaways from my online Law internship

My remote Legal Advocacy and Rights Education internship contributes to the fulfilment of my long-term goals in a variety of ways:

  • Learning about the various common law systems with which I had no prior familiarity
  • Learning about international human rights law, which I plan to study as a future graduate degree
  • Educating myself further on various communication skills and history that I had not had exposure to in the past
Learning about human rights issues in Tanzania

My biggest takeaway from my online Legal Advocacy & Rights Education internship was learning about Tanzania’s Constitution and Children’s Rights, both of which need to be improved. It was fascinating to study and familiarize myself with the common law systems of many continents and countries. Being able to recognize that children’s rights are frequently disregarded across the world, while ensuring their safety, is critical in preventing many societal problems.

My next steps are to graduate university, enrol in graduate school with a clinical psychology major, complete my training and obtain a professional license to start helping others.

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