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Why I've joined an NGO Support internship

Adeline Vernon is the recipient of the 2017 Intern Abroad HQ Experience and has elected to join the NGO Support internship program in Peru. After studying Political Science and International Relations, Adeline looks forward to putting what she has learned in the classroom into practice. Join Adeline as she discusses her motivations… and learn how you can intern abroad too!

A warm and excited “¡Hola!” to all of my Intern Abroad HQ readers! My name is Adeline and I have recently been awarded the scholarship for an internship position doing NGO work in Cusco, Peru.

I began my studies as a Criminal Justice Major but after an internship in the Dominican Republic, I became increasingly interested in what the Political Science field has to offer. My emphasis is in International Relations, which basically studies the way countries interact and react. I found that in my study as a Political Science Major with an International Relations emphasis, I would be able to analyze countries like the Dominican Republic and further understand their growth as a nation on the global scale.

The Intern Abroad HQ NGO Support program gives me an opportunity to put what I have learned in the classroom, into practice within the field.

Internships in Peru Cusco

I’m excited to see the different areas that people work in, when it comes to how an NGO is run. I know little about the fundraising and management that goes into its success, but I think I would find enjoyment in learning all its ins and outs.

I’ve discovered that a Political Science degree truly opens doors to an array of job options and I have trouble deciding which one would be the most fulfilling option for what I find captivating. The program would help steady my focus and possibly reveal a job path that I had never thought to consider!

If there is one goal that I hope to achieve while working as an intern, it’s to establish deep bonds with the people that surround me every day. Gaining work experience and of course furthering my understanding of international relations as a career is important but, growth only happens by learning from other people.

NGO Support Internships in Peru Cusco

I decided to intern abroad in Cusco, not only because of the program that Intern Abroad HQ offers (which looks and sounds amazing!), but also because of its location in South America. Latin America is regularly talked about as kind of just one giant country. It’s easy to group them into a single common culture but we forget that the accent, food, and history are distinct to each country. I hope to delve into what makes Peru unique, and maybe even visit the surrounding areas! Cusco’s architecture and incredible hikes are something I will certainly take advantage of. In my travels around North and Central America, I’ve adored every climb, swim, and bumpy car ride, but the connections I developed were the greatest adventures.

Vista of Machu Picchu

In the fall of 2016 I studied abroad in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. I was placed with a vibrant, devoted, and attentive family that took me by the hand and showed me their world. My oldest host sister was wheelchair-bound and I saw neighbors and far-away friends come to her aid whenever it was needed. The homestay taught me how effective a community can be. My host sister ran her own business from our home and there was never a shortage of customers. I was able to see the values of both independence and community at work everyday.

The five months that I spent in Costa Rica led to many adventures. I ventured through forests and swam under waterfalls, cultivated rich friendships, and continued to admire my host sister’s character and the unwavering community behind her.

I seek the same adventure, fellowship, and the possibility of another great example that I found in my host sister, in Peru! I have been humbled to accept the scholarship offer from Intern Abroad HQ and am incredibly thrilled to continue writing for you all!

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