Best Medical Internships Abroad 2024 and 2025 with Intern Abroad HQ.

Medical and healthcare internships abroad provide pre-meds, students and graduates with the opportunity to gain practical experience, supported by a qualified and experienced professional. You’ll also develop valuable insight into cultural diversity and different healthcare systems around the world.

Medical internships are available year-round in Greece, Spain, Costa Rica, Peru, Guatemala, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zanzibar across a diverse range of specialties.

Completing a medical internship abroad is an exciting way to boost your resume or med school application, gain clinical hours, earn academic credit, explore your career path, and improve the health of people in different countries.

Diverse medical internship opportunities abroad with Intern Abroad HQ.

Why do a Medical internship abroad?

  • Get outside the classroom and gain real-world experience, supported by qualified medical professionals
  • Explore your career path and potential specialties to inform future study plans
  • Fulfill experiential learning hours or add flexible course credit options to fulfill academic criteria
  • Learn about how diverse cultural perspectives and approaches to health and wellbeing
  • Build your resume, enhance your professional portfolio for med school applications, and build a network of peers within your field

Why do your Medical internship with Intern Abroad HQ?

  • Choose from flexible durations and start dates that work for your budget and availability. Most affordable internships start from just $1129 (approximately 1129) for 2 weeks
  • Access structured internship packages, including accommodation, orientation, airport pickup and 24/7 support. Most internship programs also include meals
  • Choose from a greater range of destination and specialization choices, gaining exposure to relevant career experience and exciting cultural immersion
  • Select flexible course credit options, to complete academic goals and milestones during your internship
  • Build essential employability skills, articulating your competencies and cultural intelligence via Intern Abroad HQ’s experiential learning curriculum
  • Align your values by choosing to intern with an externally audited B Corporation. Intern Abroad HQ is also Zero Carbon certified, making us an ethical provider choice

Who can do a Medical internship abroad?

Whether you’re an aspiring dentist, doctor, nurse, midwife, physiotherapist, or dentist - or have other specializations in mind - we have a broad range of meaningful medical and health internships abroad that will enable you to give back and enhance your skill set.

Our internships are super flexible and we only have a few basic requirements to get started:

  • Be proficient in the English language. Some placements have additional language requirements
  • Have graduated high school by your internship program start date
  • Be at least 18 years old by your internship program start date
  • Be capable of presenting a clean criminal background check

Some medical internship opportunities are suitable for participants who are at a pre-med school level, while others are better suited to students at a postgraduate study level. In all cases, when you apply to express your interest, our team will guide you appropriately through the application process and answer any questions you have.

Diverse medical internship opportunities abroad with Intern Abroad HQ.

Medical internships for pre-med students

The following opportunities are suitable for interns who have started their pre-medical educational track, at an undergraduate level.

Even if you have not yet completed your associate or bachelor’s degree, the internships provide valuable shadowing and observational experience outside the classroom, which can add to your worldview and theoretical knowledge. You’ll have scope to explore career paths, better inform future study plans, and build your experience for med-school applications.

Regardless of what your current skills and qualifications are, these internships will accommodate people at different levels. Post graduate students, as well as recent graduates, are also welcome to join.

“My role as an intern involved taking patient vitals, filling out patient intake charts, triage observation, and/or grabbing medical equipment/resources when doctors are in need. I have learned how to take all patient vitals and monitor patients in the times between scans, bloodwork, payment, etc. Specifically, I have learned a lot about patient intake and assessment in the ED, and with my interest in surgery and trauma, this internship has shown and taught me so much! This is very valuable for me as I will attend medical school, and with my love of traveling, I hope to work with Doctors Without Borders later in my career. This experience has greatly prepared me for that.” - Sarah Thompson, Emergency Medicine & Surgery intern in Tanzania

Diverse medical internship opportunities abroad with Intern Abroad HQ.

Medical internships for post-grad students

Post graduate students, as well as recent graduates, have broad scope to join a range of our medical and healthcare internships abroad.

Diverse medical internship opportunities abroad with Intern Abroad HQ.

Medical internship specialties

Check out our range of specialty medical internship opportunities:

Medical internships abroad for groups

With Intern Abroad HQ, you can do an international medical internship as a student campaign with a group from your university, or with a friend!

For group enquiries, we can create customized itineraries for parties of 8 or more (student-led, faculty-led service learning, or specialist groups - such as medical students). Taking a customized approach to each group enables us to work with you on an itinerary that suits your level of skills, budget, availability, and desired outcomes. Just contact us to outline what you have in mind, and we’ll go from there.

For those who simply want to intern alongside a friend, it’s easy. Each individual must submit an application (as normal) and in the comments section, just list the name(s) of your friend(s). We’ll link your applications to ensure you’re supported accordingly. Just ensure you confirm your participation in advance, so you and your friends don’t miss out!

Contact us about your group

Where can you do a Medical internship abroad in 2024 & 2025?

Medical internships abroad in Spain with Intern Abroad HQ.


Medical internships in Spain are based in the city of Valencia and are ideal for pre-med/undergrad or post graduate medical students looking to gain a global perspective on healthcare. Interns shadow and support professionals in their field, and offer administrative, educational, rehabilitation and clinical care to patients of all ages.

In your free time, explore the stunning beaches, architecture and culture in the balmy Mediterranean climate of Valencia!

Choose from the following Health Science internships in Spain:

“I would recommend Intern Abroad HQ to anyone. They were so incredibly helpful throughout the whole process of applying, interning, and reflecting post-internship. With this experience, I was able to learn and grow an immense amount and build relationships with some of the most welcoming people in the world! At my internship placement, I was able to develop my Spanish language skills while learning how a healthcare non-profit in Spain functions. I was also able to immerse myself in the Spanish culture, allowing me to learn and grow in more ways than one. I am forever thankful for having had this opportunity.” - Mariah Ulness, Medical intern in Spain

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Medical internships abroad in Greece with Intern Abroad HQ.


Medical internships in Greece are based in Athens and are well suited to both undergraduate and postgraduate medical, nursing, dentistry, physiotherapy or occupational therapy students. Shadow and observe activities across a wide range of well-resourced departments and medical specialities, guided by supportive medical professionals throughout.

Discover the rich cultural heritage, philosophy and archaeological sites of Athens in your free time!

Choose from the following Health Science internships in Greece:

“I conducted my Medical internship in a top private hospital with cutting-edge technology in Athens. It was one of the most impressive organizations I have ever seen in healthcare. I had the chance to observe one of the best hematologists in Europe at work, they were an amazing supervisor, teaching me a lot! I gained a lot of new clinical and hands-on experience. Everything I learned will be useful in my future career and help me to complete my medical degree.” - Francesco Conrado, Medical intern in Greece

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Medical internships abroad in Peru with Intern Abroad HQ.


Medical internships in Peru are based in Cusco and enable interns to gain culturally immersive experience, supporting local clinics while improving Spanish language skills. With programs ranging from Midwifery to Dentistry, you can find an internship to suit your career aspirations. Come prepared to converse in Spanish, as interns are required to be confident speakers, at an intermediate level at least.

Visit the iconic landscapes of Rainbow Mountain, Machu Picchu and the Andes mountains in your free time!

Choose from the following Health Science internships in Peru:

“I came to Peru with the goal of improving my Spanish and gaining medical experience in a culturally different setting. Not only have I grown professionally as a nurse, but I have also grown personally. I was able to develop strong relationships with the nurses at the clinic, and it helped enhance my learning. The support that the local team offers to help us succeed and make the most of our time here is limitless. Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed my experience.” - Angelica Ante, Physician’s Assistant intern in Peru

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Medical internships abroad in Costa Rica with Intern Abroad HQ.

Costa Rica

Medical internships in Costa Rica are based in San Ramon and give students the chance to intern at Healthcare placements while learning about Costa Rica’s quality healthcare. Internships are based in rural clinics, hospitals, elderly care homes, and more. Please note that these are Spanish-speaking internships.

Explore Costa Rica’s magnificent beaches, volcanoes and rainforests in your spare time!

Choose from the following Health Science internships in Costa Rica:

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Medical internships abroad in South Africa with Intern Abroad HQ.

South Africa

Medical internships in South Africa are based in Cape Town. With health programs in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Public Health, you’ll be making a difference within the local community, while gaining invaluable new skills to further your career.

Discover Cape Town’s stunning coastline and go on safari in your free time!

Choose from the following Health Science internships in South Africa:

“The clinic I interned with in Cape Town had a great team of psychologists, occupational therapists and social workers that had great methods in treating adolescents with mental health disorders and a whole variety of issues pertaining to being a troubled youth. I came to work every day caring for the patients and was privileged to see their progress as they worked out very difficult issues in a communal setting under professional guidance. I cannot state enough how great my experience was.” - John Agonoy, Occupational Therapy intern in South Africa

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Medical internships abroad in Tanzania with Intern Abroad HQ.


Medical internships in Tanzania are based in Arusha. With internships a diverse range of medical specialties to choose from, interns are granted the opportunity to receive dedicated guidance and supervision from a medically trained Program Director and trained local professionals in their chosen field.

In your free time, you’ll get to witness incredible landscapes and wildlife at some of Africa’s greatest game reserves!

Choose from the following Health Science internships in Tanzania:

“My Nursing internship in Tanzania pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me expand my global network and understanding. I developed and implemented so many new things within my field since traveling abroad for such an experience. These skills will help me pursue a career in Medicine as I have so much more experience in work, communication skills, networking, initiative, time management, adaptability and teamwork. As I am currently going into my second year of nursing, I want to take all the opportunities I can to learn in different countries. I need to have good universal skills to be an outstanding nurse and the world is waiting for good professionals who make changes to the well-being of patients. I want to be one of them!” - Christine Muwirimi, Nursing in Tanzania

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Medical internships abroad in Zanzibar with Intern Abroad HQ.


Medical internships in Zanzibar are based at a referral hospital on this beautiful island in the Indian Ocean, just off the coast of Tanzania, Africa. With a huge range of medical specialties to choose from, including outpatient and inpatient services, this is an amazing opportunity to get real world, relevant experience in a different cultural setting.

Kick back on the stunning white sand beaches or explore historic Stone Town in your free time!

Choose from the following Health Science internships in Zanzibar:

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Medical internships abroad in Morocco with Intern Abroad HQ.


Medical internships in Morocco are based in the capital city of Rabat. Interns have the chance to support healthcare professionals within multidisciplinary hospitals, clinics, or med labs. This is an incredible opportunity to get relevant career experience, while immersing yourself in Northern Africa’s culture and community. These shadowing and observational internships are suitable for English language speakers.

Choose from the following Health Science internships in Morocco:

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Medical internships abroad in Guatemala with Intern Abroad HQ.


Medical internships in Guatemala are based in Antigua and enable interns to gain clinical hours while learning about modern developmental challenges which affect the healthcare industry. Healthcare internships are available for participants at a variety of levels and Spanish language proficiency is a must!

Explore the visually stunning country in your free time, while gaining insight into culture, history. This is a quintessential Central American experience!

Choose from the following Health Science internships in Guatemala:

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