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At Intern Abroad HQ, we take the stress out of finding an international internship. From sourcing and customizing your internship placement to arranging your accommodation, airport pick-up, academic credit, and more - we organize everything for you and support you through your entire experience!

We match you with innovative and entrepreneurial host organizations around the world that give you the opportunity to make a real contribution on high-impact projects.

Our in-country and remote internships are proven to enhance resume credentials and give you a competitive edge in today’s job market. This is your opportunity to build the hands-on experience, cultural intelligence and international exposure you need to get ahead.

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Learn about Intern Abroad HQ's approach from our CEO

Learn about Intern Abroad HQs approach from our CEO

”This experience has allowed me to explore a whole new perspective on how psychology is applicable to youth. I now feel more appreciative of what I have and more ambitious to do what I want. I feel more empowered and understand that there is a real need for people like myself in the field of Psychology.”

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