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Why you should intern abroad

Looking for an internship? Affordable international internships provide unique opportunities for career-growth and skills development. Find out how it’s easy and fun to join an internship abroad. Get ready to accelerate your learning!
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How do internships work?

If you’re wondering how to intern abroad, we break down the steps to explain the ins and outs of how internships work, what the benefits are, and why they’re important. Here’s the skinny on modern, relevant and affordable internship experiences...
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Best International Business Internships 2018

Are you interested in a 2018 Business Internship? Intern Abroad HQ offers affordable professional development programs in a diverse range of fields, including finance, tourism, hospitality, international development, and more...
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Top Dental Internships Abroad

Whether you’re pursuing a pre-med school track toward a dental career, or if you´re a dental school graduate or professional, dental internships abroad offer meaningful opportunities, diverse experience and essential career insight.
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Ultimate Gap Year Internships Abroad

Want a gap year that makes a difference, pads your resume and is hellafun? Taking a break between academic pursuits doesn’t mean putting your professional development on ice. Here’s how an international internship can take your gap year to the next level.
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Top Nursing Internships Abroad

Ever wondered how to intern abroad as a nurse? If you’re looking for nursing internships abroad, Intern Abroad HQ offers diverse healthcare internships for both students and registered nurses.
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QUIZ: How Culturally Intelligent Are You?

If you love to travel and are seeking enriching exchanges, then put your CQ to the test - find out how you fare as a global citizen!
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Summer Internships Abroad for College Students

If you’re looking for hands-on experience that’ll inspire your ambitions, a short-term internship program might be right for you! Travel to fantastic destinations abroad to gain global internship experience and professional insight.
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Affordable Medical & Nursing Internships Abroad

Are you looking for top pre-med and healthcare internship opportunities that will enhance your experience and resume? Intern Abroad HQ offers introductory internship programs within a range of disciplines.
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How To Completely Screw Up Your International Internship

Want to know sure-fire ways to mess up your international internship? We’ve compiled the most commonly committed faux pas, so that you can be wily enough to avoid making the same mistakes abroad!
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