Best Veterinary Internships Abroad in 2020

Find the perfect opportunity to explore a veterinary and animal care career! Intern Abroad HQ’s range of flexible and affordable opportunities around the world include veterinary internships for students.
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Internships Abroad Summer 2020

Find your perfect Summer Internship Abroad in 2020. Ideal for college students and recent graduates, explore Intern Abroad HQ's range of flexible options in over 10 destinations and over 20 career focused fields.
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QUIZ: Where should you intern abroad?

Interning abroad enables you to see more of the world, engage in meaningful projects, and develop essential skills to help propel your career. To have fun getting started, take our quiz to discover top internship suggestions for you in 2020!
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Internships Abroad Fall 2019

Make the most of your Fall break, by taking an internship abroad. Take part in 2 week programs in Costa Rica, Ireland, Peru, South Africa, Spain and Tanzania.
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Southern Utah University's Semester Abroad with Intern Abroad HQ

Southern Utah University partner with Intern Abroad HQ to deliver unforgettable internships abroad in Cusco, Peru. Experience the customized program through the eyes of SUU students...
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4 Reasons To Take An Internship Abroad vs Study Abroad

As a college student, you're faced with a wide range of exciting opportunities abroad every year. So, which one is more beneficial? An Internship Abroad or Study Abroad? Discover the right fit for you...
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Marine Mammals & Sea Turtle Conservation internship in Greece

Stephen Cull, a science student at Macquarie University, Australia, joined our Marine Mammals & Sea Turtle Conservation internship in Greece for 6 weeks. Learn from Stephen’s experience about how to get stuck in, gain experience, boost your resume and have the experience of a lifetime.
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My Aegean Marine Conservation internship in Greece

Ann Marie Luppino, from Massachusetts Maritime Academy, joined our Aegean Marine Conservation internship in Greece for 6 weeks. Learn more about how Ann Marie took part in diverse activities, gained confidence, and inspiration for her future studies.
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My Startup Internship in South Africa

Bethan from the UK shares highlights from her lifechanging experience on a Startup Entreprenurship Internship in South Africa...
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The 13 Best Internship Programs You Can Take Abroad

As the experts in internship placements, we are proud to announce the 13 best internship programs you can take abroad! Align your career goals with an internship that suits you. Programs are available the world over.
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