How Brianna became a published broadcast journalist through her remote internship out of Ireland with Intern Abroad HQ.

Brianna Raymond is from Australia and is working towards a career in broadcast journalism. She recently completed a part-time Journalism & Media Remote internship where she supported a local radio station based in Ireland. Below, she explains how she was able to grow the organization’s audience, publish her own stories, and prepare herself for a successful career in journalism…

What was it like adjusting to life as a remote intern from Australia?

At the beginning of my internship, I was unsure of what to expect and it was quite nerve-wracking. My placement was at a local radio station in Ireland, but after my first Zoom call with the CEO, I immediately felt at ease and ready to take on the work I was doing.

The best part about my internship was that I got the chance to pitch my main story to the radio station, which meant that the majority of my work was actually from my own vision. It was so unique to be given that opportunity - it made all of the nerves at the start worth it and made it feel so much more satisfying at the end!

This radio station recognised my work ethic and potetntial and allowed me to bring my visions to life - Intern Abroad HQ.

What was your role as a remote intern? In what ways did you support the local radio station out of Ireland?

My internship involved writing and creating news stories for the radio station to air, conducting interviews with participants and editing news stories that I had written. I also helped with a marketing campaign by gathering voxpops of individuals to be used in ad breaks on the radio.

By doing this, I helped my organisation expand its content to a more international audience, creating a show that is heard more widely outside of Irish radio. The combination of international involvement and boosts in advertising have attracted more listeners in Ireland, Australia and beyond, and it’s been so incredible to be a part of that.

Brianna's remote internship experience out of Ireland with Intern Abroad HQ.

What are your career aspirations and how has this experience helped support your long-term goals?

I would love to pursue a career in broadcast journalism, whether that be in radio or television, and this internship has helped develop skills critical to this field such as interviewing, audio recording and editing, story writing, background research and fact gathering.

I feel so much more empowered in the field of journalism, both in the development of new skills, but also in having my work published and aired by a well-established radio station. This station recognized my work ethic and potential, and allowed me to bring my visions to life. I am extremely thankful for this opportunity and the ways it has helped me feel more motivated, established and confident in my abilities.

From here, my goal is to continue looking for opportunities to have my work published, and to get my work put out there for others to consume and enjoy. I will be completing my Bachelor’s degree and looking for even more media internship experience that will eventually lead into a full-time job in the field, which I am extremely excited for.

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What was one of the highlights from your internship?

My favorite memory from the internship was when I heard my work being aired on the radio station. I was incredibly excited, and it even felt a little surreal to be heard by people not only in Australia, but also in Ireland and possibly elsewhere! It was a wonderful chance to have my hard work pay off in the real world, and in a way that could have impacted the days of other people - hopefully in a positive way. The radio station was so encouraging of new voices, and I feel my contribution and perspective was valued. It was a great experience and one that solidified my part in the radio station’s work.

Brianna becoming a broadcast journalist through her Intern Abroad HQ remote internship out of Ireland.

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What was it like adapting your schedule to a different time zone?

Before my internship even began, there was quite a clear time difference between Ireland and Australia. This meant that I had to adjust my everyday routine to accommodate meetings with my supervisor, or interviewees in Ireland. There were occasions where I would have to postpone spending time with family or friends to reach deadlines or achieve professional goals, but I was willing to do that. While not a major issue, I have had to learn to be flexible with my time through this experience and make sacrifices, which is a testament to my adaptability and will serve me in the future.

Any advice you’d give to future remote interns?

In hindsight, I think it is really important to keep up the communication with your intern supervisor and the company or organisation you are interning with. Being dependent on your own time management skills is a big component of any internship you do, and being communicative is very helpful on both ends. I also think that asking for help and feedback when needed is crucial for your own success, and truly getting the most out of the program!

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