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Looking for an internship that’s quintessentially European? Intern Abroad HQ offers a range of affordable internship experiences in Prague, where you can explore your career aspirations within an utterly impressive city. Internships in the Czech Republic provide exciting cultural immersion with professional development. Available for students, graduates, career changers, and gap year travelers!

Internships in the Czech Republic are available within the following fields:

Interns can choose a minimum duration of 4 weeks, up to 12 weeks, with start dates available year-round. Let us take care of connecting you with a network of experienced host organizations, while also arranging your airport pick up, accommodation, and comprehensive in-country support.

What do people love about interning in Prague?

Prague is a comparatively affordable city within Europe, so if you’re looking for an internship abroad, these opportunities are super economical! Many people dream of spending time in Europe and these programs help make such experiences possible.

If you aspire to visit other European countries (before, during, or after your internship), Prague also makes an excellent base. Situated in Central Europe, there are convenient travel routes into onward destinations such as Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, and more.

Aside from such practical considerations, visitors to Prague quickly see that the city is absolutely beautiful. It’s very easy to walk around, exploring amazing historical architecture, which is rarely found elsewhere.

Strolling through medieval cobblestone lanes, you’ll quickly understand how the city earned its nickname as “The City of 100 Spires”! From the grounds of Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral, down to Charles Bridge, the city’s towers, and its incredible astronomical clock, you’ll fall in love with this place!

“Prague is a great place for anyone who may be nervous about traveling to a new country. Many people speak English, the transportation is easy to learn, and it feels very safe. It’s a great location to learn how to connect with people on a professional level and make new connections. No matter what field you are interning for; you will meet people along the way who can offer you some good advice or who you can save in your contacts for future needs.” - Eva Balcazar, Design internship in Czech Republic

Internships abroad in Prague, Czech Republic, Intern Abroad HQ

Does it matter if I can’t speak the local language?

Fluency in the Czech language is not a requirement for interns in Prague. The internships are conducted in English and it is not assumed that international interns will have been exposed to Czech language in the past. It can reasonably be expected that language barriers may arise from time to time. However, Prague is a modern European city, which is accustomed to travelers and foreigners.

All program participants have the option to take Czech language lessons if they wish, as these can be scheduled in conjunction with your internship. While not mandatory, lessons are encouraged, as they’re fun, social, and enhance your cultural immersion.

“It took a little while for me to get used to a new city and country. Many people in Prague speak English which was helpful in so many ways. I was pleasantly surprised to see such a variety of cultures, styles of art and cuisine in the city.” - Eva Balcazar, Design internship in Czech Republic

Internships abroad in Prague, Czech Republic, Intern Abroad HQ

When is the best time of the year to intern in Prague?

Internships in Prague are available year-round, with the exception of August.

The summer season is warm and comfortable, beginning around late May through till early September. This is usually the most popular time for internship placements and you need to plan in advance. Since internship placements are unavailable during August (the peak vacation period) most workplace activities start to slow down in July. Therefore, it’s wise to begin your internship early in the summer or start in the autumn, from September onward.

The wintertime begins from late November and lasts till around the end of February. December through March is usually the skiing season. Although this is a colder time of year, the city is still very beautiful. Especially during Christmas, when the markets are open and there is a lovely cozy, festive feeling to enjoy.

Internships abroad in Prague, Czech Republic, Intern Abroad HQ

What is the internship accommodation like and how do I get around?

All interns in Prague receive private bedroom accommodation. These arrangements are made through hotels or student accommodation facilities. If you want to participate in the program alongside friends, this is no problem - arrangements can be made to ensure you’re accommodated together.

Such accommodation is typically located within approx. 45 minutes walking distance to the local team’s office (where the Czech language lessons also take place) - or a short drive away via taxi, uber or public transportation.

The maximum commute time to internship placements is usually between 30 - 45 minutes by public transportation (metro, tram or bus). For using the public transport, we recommend that interns purchase a monthly ticket (approx. US$40). The ticket is valid for metro, trams, buses, and even for boats and a cable car.

“The orientation from my local coordinators was a fantastic way for me to get a feel of the city and helped me to feel more confident with the transportation system. I was also given lots of tips on how to make the most of my time in Prague which was a great insight.” - Eva Balcazar, Design internship in Czech Republic

Internships abroad in Prague, Czech Republic, Intern Abroad HQ

How are internships in Prague assigned?

Interns are always provided a placement - within the scope of their chosen field - following a customized process. There are a large number of potential host organizations and companies available throughout the city. When matches are made for interns, we always consider a range of personal variables, such as:

  • Your chosen internship start date and duration
  • Your relevant skills, experiences, and studies and preferences
  • The most appropriate match possible, subject to availability

This matching process begins for all interns, once they have first confirmed their participation. At this stage, we require a copy of your resume and a cover letter to begin!

“One thing is clear - my internship has been so exciting and positive for me! It helped me grow on a personal and a professional level. My supervisor was very nice and keen to help me with everything I needed support with. I now have a clearer idea on what I would like to do as a job and I can add this experience to my resume.” - Stefano Vertua, Business & Commerce internship in Prague, Czech Republic

Internships abroad in Prague, Czech Republic, Intern Abroad HQ

How is ongoing support provided?

When in Prague, the local on-the-ground team is your first point of contact. They provide resources and support for ongoing assistance, while also ensuring that the internship experience is running smoothly throughout. They assist with all program logistics, from your arrival, to being guided through the orientation, and more.

For individual internship placements, supervision is handled by a range of professional staff. Such team members are in the best position to provide guidance, direction, and answer questions as it will pertain to current duties and responsibilities.

Intern Abroad HQ maintains additional contact with interns throughout, via the experiential learning curriculum or “reflection” submissions. Intern Abroad HQ also helps students seeking academic credit, via their internship program.

These various layers of support give us the opportunity to monitor experience and progress, allowing us to resolve any issues if they arise!

“I was quite nervous about meeting the companies I would be working with, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that each company is simply excited to have someone willing to help them and to hit the ground running. I had a wonderful opportunity to go for a walk with one of my supervisors and explore the historical sights and talk about the history of Prague. It was really eye-opening and helped me to put some context to the place I will be living in for the next few months.” - Eva Balcazar, Design internship in Czech Republic

Internships abroad in Prague, Czech Republic, Intern Abroad HQ

What is the food like in the Czech Republic?

There are wonderful options and much of it is very affordable. Internships in Prague do not include meals - however, the Czech Republic is one of Europe’s most affordable destinations. There is a great culinary scene to explore - from traditional restaurants, to atmospheric pubs, great cafes, local supermarkets and more.

Typical Czech meals are quite hearty and rich. Local restaurants typically offer special lunch menus during the week. Although brand name groceries and imported goods may cost a little more, restaurant food and anything locally made can be very economical. A classic Czech meal at a restaurant (e.g. meat, sauce, and dumplings) may be about US$10.

Internships abroad in Prague, Czech Republic, Intern Abroad HQ

How much spending-money should I budget?

Your Program Fee for an internship in Prague covers your airport pick up, orientation, accommodation, internship placement, and ongoing support. You will need to budget for your meals, any weekend activity plans, shopping, personal expenses, and return transport to the airport.

A weekly budget of approximately US$100 should be sufficient. However, it’s wise to research tourism activities in advance to get an idea of what you’d like to do and how much you need to earmark for this – for example, a guided walking tour of the city will be significantly more affordable than a weekend spent skiing in Switzerland.

If you need advice ahead of time, just let us know! Our local team in Prague collaborate with licensed tourism operations and are available to arrange quality tours and professional excursions, at preferable rates. They have the best local tips that will ensure you make the most out of your time, while getting best value.

“Prague offers many incredible and historical sights in both the Old Town Square and New Town. There’s a range of art galleries, many located in beautiful buildings, as well as stage performances and orchestras to attend. During my internship there were many events that I was able to attend. I would highly recommend going window shopping as there is a section of the city devoted to high-end fashion brands, where you can look at the clothing up close and learn a few interesting facts about their brands and the building they’re located in. The weather was warm and sunny, and I had many great experiences trying the food!” - Eva Balcazar, Design internship in Czech Republic

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What are top tips for having a successful internship?

The most successful interns are typically those who are adaptable, have a positive mindset, and are confident enough to ask for a little help or assistance when needed.

Previous interns recommend others to learn more about the local culture and customs in advance, to ease any potential culture shock. You can then go on to respectfully discuss insights with locals you meet, to learn more and find new perspectives.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your supervisor or peers and ask questions about their lives and their work. This is a great way to enhance your own cultural intelligence and understand how locals view their own culture.

It’s also great to research any events and activities which might be occurring in the city during your travel dates. For example, festivals, concerts, exhibitions, etc., you might plan to attend. This helps to ensure you prepare well, don’t miss out on anything, and take advantage of your travel plans!

Internships abroad in Prague, Czech Republic, Intern Abroad HQ

​​I’m ready! How can I start planning my internship in the Czech Republic?

Found your ideal opportunity yet? Check out our amazing range of internship opportunities offered out of Prague, Czech Republic!

Submit your interest via our online application form (for free). We’ll review your application to confirm you’re a good match for your chosen internship program and that there is availability for the dates you’ve requested. We can then accept you into the program.

Once you’re accepted, you can reserve your place by paying a deposit of $499 USD. This confirmation allows us to reserve your desired internship dates while we arrange your placement and customize your internship. Then let the adventure begin!