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Looking for an unforgettable internship experience to enhance your career and cultural intelligence? Intern Abroad HQ offers flexible and affordable internships in Arusha, Tanzania. If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting Africa, then look no further!

Internships in Tanzania are available within the following fields:

Interns can choose a minimum duration of 2 weeks, up to 24 weeks, with start dates available every week. Let us take care of connecting you with a network of experienced host organizations within your field, while also arranging your airport pick up, accommodation, meals and providing 24/7 in-country support.

We sat down with our local team in Tanzania to quiz them over some of our interns frequently asked questions. Here’s our top tips for everything you need to know about interning in Arusha, Tanzania!

What do people love about living in Arusha?

The sense of community! The people in Arusha are very friendly and love interacting with foreign visitors. Whether on your way to your placement, out for dinner, or shopping at the markets, you can expect locals to greet you in the street and strike up a conversation. People will be genuinely excited to meet you, greet you or get to know you. Day-to-day, there is always something new happening, no two days are ever the same. The landscape is breathtaking, with beautiful wildlife, mountains and plains.

“My favorite memory was being surrounded by medical interns, residents, and engaging with patients. The doctors interacted with patients like friends, influencing my goal of becoming the best doctor for my patients.” - Merveille Muyizere, Medical internship in Tanzania

Intern abroad in Tanzania with Intern Abroad HQ

Is it okay to intern in Tanzania if I don’t speak the language?

Absolutely! All internships hosted out of Tanzania are conducted in English. The national language in Tanzania is Swahili (also known by its native name Kiswahili). We do not expect anyone to be fluent in this language when they join an internship with us - it is certainly not an eligibility requirement.

Although most Tanzanians speak and understand basic English, you may sometimes encounter a language barrier when communicating with local people. Remember that you will always have someone available to help guide you throughout the experience.

Interns are welcome to advantage of fun and affordable KiSwahili language lessons. These are optional and participants have the freedom to choose if they’d like to take part or not. The lessons are conducted at the accommodation for your convenience and accessibility.

“My internship expectations have been exceeded! The physicians and nurses in Tanzania were incredibly generous with their time, knowledge, and trust. Many days were spent together discussing the medical customs in our own countries, as well as the cultural norms we had grown up with. It was amazing getting to know the staff so well, meeting patients from so many different tribes, and learning about the different customs, languages, and regions of Tanzania.” - Rachel Picard, Medical internship in Tanzania

Intern abroad in Tanzania with Intern Abroad HQ

What makes the internships in Arusha so unique?

Workplaces in Arusha are very different to what an intern will be used to back home, with many being under-resourced and under-funded. In this way, interns not only gain valuable work experience in their desired field, but also make a genuine impact on the placements they collaborate with, and the people utilizing them.

Local businesses, clinics, hospitals and NGOs really benefit from fresh perspectives, as well as the diverse support offered, through English-language content, customer service, and international outreach. Interns have a great opportunity to share value and impact, through the cross-cultural exchange of such experiences.

“Being completely inserted in a new culture that is so different was life-changing. During my month in Tanzania, I was curious like I had never been before. Not only did I greatly develop my communication skills, I also acquired unprecedented independence and used my analytical skills to try and understand the Tanzanian culture and the world we live in in a better way.” - Clara El-semman, Human Rights & Legal Advocacy internship in Tanzania

Intern abroad in Tanzania with Intern Abroad HQ

How is ongoing support provided?

When in Arusha, the local on-the-ground team is your first point of contact. They provide resources and support for 24/7 assistance, while also ensuring that the internship experience is running smoothly throughout. They assist with program logistics, as interns are collected from the airport on arrival, transported to the accommodation, and guided through the orientation.

At the internship placement, supervision is handled by a range of professional staff. Such team members are in the best position to provide guidance, direction, and answer questions as it will pertain to current duties and responsibilities.

Intern Abroad HQ maintains additional contact with interns throughout, via the experiential learning curriculum or “reflection” submissions.

These various layers of support give us the opportunity to monitor experience and progress, allowing us to resolve any issues if they arise.

“Everyone looked after one another, and cared about the way in which they presented themselves which brought a lot of comfort. Immersing yourself into the culture around you allows you to fall in love with it!” - Holly Jeffrey, Nutrition internship in Tanzania

Intern abroad in Tanzania with Intern Abroad HQ

What is a typical day like for an intern?

Internships typically start at around 9am, so interns can enjoy breakfast together at the guest house before either walking or taking the bus to their placement.

Depending on your chosen internship, each day will likely involve shadowing, observing, collaborating, assisting, and creating relationships with the people that you’re working alongside. Whether you’re assisting local doctors or nurses in medical wards, teaching children English at one of the local schools or delivering supplies and resources to communities around Arusha, you can expect your days to be hands-on!

An intern’s day often ends around 5pm, returning to the guest house accommodation to enjoy dinner and leisure time with other participants.

Meals are not provided during the weekends, since interns are usually “out and about” on Saturdays and Sundays. There is lots to explore and enjoy, so weekends are maximized for this.

“I enjoyed every moment of my experience in Arusha. The staff were so very welcoming and kind and helped me not only in class but also on the day-to-day by inviting me over to their places for a meal and helping me buy fabrics and gifts for appropriate prices at the local markets and even for exchanging money! The accommodation was always clean, with amazing food, and all other interns brought such positive energy.” - Natalie Baltimore, Youth Development & Education internship in Tanzania

Intern abroad in Tanzania with Intern Abroad HQ

​​What should I do for transportation in Arusha?

During your orientation, you’ll be introduced to the route you need to take to get to your placement and the local team will answer any questions you have about transportation at this time.

Wherever possible, we like to place interns with organizations that are within walking distance from the guest house accommodation, to their placements. That way, interns can enjoy a leisurely stroll through town, enjoying the sights, sounds and smells before starting their day.

If transport to and from your placement is required, you can opt to use a dala-dala (small bus). This is the main form of public transportation used in Tanzania.

“Going abroad for an internship was one of the best things I could have done for my personal growth. There is a lot of public transportation that will help you get anywhere you want. Everyone in the city who I interacted with was very friendly. I lived not too far from my work and the center of the city. The interns all got very close as well, which made Arusha feel like home. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone interested.” - Cora Allard, Women’s Empowerment and Education internship in Tanzania

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​​How much spending money should I budget?

Your Program Fee for an internship in Tanzania covers your airport pick up, accommodation and meals (breakfast and dinner, prepared and served Monday to Friday). However, you will need to budget for additional meals, bottled water, lunches, weekend travel, shopping, personal expenses, and return transport to the airport.

We advise putting away a budget of about approx. $50 USD per week for lunches, snacks, water and transport. Some weeks you may spend less and some days you may want to treat yourself with a dinner out, a shopping trip, or weekend excursions.

Prior to your arrival, have a think about what type of excursions you may be interested to participate in. That way, you can budget ahead of time for these activities. If you need advice ahead of time, just let us know!

If you’re doing a medical internship, you will also need to budget for a Ministry of Health fee, which is paid in-country. This supports the operation of placements and covers supervision for interns on medical-related placements. The amount of the Ministry of Health contribution varies, as it is not the same for every clinic/hospital. To cover the contribution sufficiently, we ask interns to budget up to US$75 per week.

“The internship serves as an investment, since it supports my job search, builds upon my studies, and contributes to my general employability. I am grateful that this internship provided me an opportunity to enhance my cultural intelligence around the world.” - Naomi Liem, Social Work & Community Outreach internship in Tanzania

Intern abroad in Tanzania with Intern Abroad HQ

​​Do I need any vaccinations?

We always recommend that you speak with a doctor about required vaccinations (and other health considerations) prior to travel. A medical professional is in the best position to advise you, as they can also take your existing medical record and history into consideration. You can book an appointment with a doctor at least 6-8 weeks before your departure date, to allow ample time for any vaccinations (or other treatment courses) to be completed.

“This internship role has greatly contributed to my long-term goals. I will attend medical school, and with my love of traveling, I hope to work with Doctors Without Borders later in my career. I would like to return to Tanzania in the coming years as well, and this experience has greatly prepared me for that.” - Sarah Thompson, Emergency Medicine internship in Tanzania

Intern abroad in Tanzania with Intern Abroad HQ

​​Do I need a visa for an internship in Tanzania?

Yes - prior to your internship start date, the coordinator in Arusha will send you an email containing information about the visa and entry details, along with any supporting documentation you’ll need for the online application. We take the correct visa process very seriously for all interns. The cost of your visa will depend on your application but in most cases, for internships 12 weeks or less, it will be either $50 - $100 USD. The visa is also acceptable for local travel or touring in the country.

“My one main piece of advice for incoming interns is, do not be afraid to explore and always take the path that will lead you on a lifelong adventure! Have fun and keep an open mind.” - Hayden Alcock, Psychology internship in Tanzania

Intern abroad in Tanzania with Intern Abroad HQ

​​What are top tips for a successful internship?

  • Come into your internship with a very clear objective. There will be so much to take in, so having a clear goal will provide direction and a sense of achievement when you meet that goal.

  • Be proactive and open minded. The culture in Tanzania can be very different and overwhelming at first - just like any new experience can be - so it’s important to make your best effort to learn, ask questions, take in new ideas, and have a positive mindset!

  • Understand that you can learn as much from the locals as they can from you, as this is an opportunity to share and exchange. Understanding different ways of doing things should be treated without judgment, but with patience and compassion.

  • Communicate with your supervisor and our team if any questions or concerns arise. We are always available to support and assist with your efforts to maintain positive relationships.

“The best advice I could give someone is to come in with an open mind and have minimal expectations. Tanzania is very different than I imagined and most of the differences are good but if you come in with an open mind you will be able to adapt better and appreciate the experience and culture more.” - Lauren Hardin, Medical internship in Tanzania

Intern abroad in Tanzania with Intern Abroad HQ

​​I’m ready! How can I start planning my internship?

Found your ideal opportunity yet? Check out our amazing range of internship opportunities offered out of Arusha, Tanzania!

Submit your interest via our online application form (for free). We’ll review your application to confirm you’re a good match for your chosen internship program and that there is availability for the dates you’ve requested. We can then accept you into the program.

Once you’re accepted, you can reserve your place by paying a deposit of $499 USD. This confirmation allows us to reserve your desired internship dates while we arrange your placement and customize your internship. Then let the adventure begin!