How Orazio's Digital Marketing & SEO Remote Internship with Intern Abroad HQ set him up for success as an entrepreneur.

Orazio is working towards becoming a Digital Marketing entrepreneur. His first step? Completing a Digital Marketing & SEO remote internship hosted out of Ireland. Find out how this internship is preparing him for a future in the world of marketing

What was your first week like? How did you acclimate to working as a remote intern?

The first week of my internship was very positive. I was expecting to be intimidated at first, but found myself in a very open, friendly and welcoming environment. After a few days, I was already feeling comfortable in my new position.

I had my first group meeting to discuss what my role as a Marketing & SEO intern would be and what existing skills I had that I could contribute to the company. I was also given a series of short online courses to study, mostly on inbound marketing and how to use Shopify.

The company I worked with is based in Ireland and targets mostly Irish and British customers, so I was able to learn about the habits and customs of consumers in these countries from early on. Having lived in four different countries myself, I can easily get along with people of different cultural backgrounds!

Orazio's Digital Marketing & SEO Remote Internship experience out of Ireland with Intern Abroad HQ.

What were your day-to-day tasks as a Digital Marketing intern?

My long-term goal is to work in Digital Marketing as an entrepreneur, so working for a company that already has an established online presence was very helpful for my professional progress.

Some of my tasks involved creating SEO-friendly product descriptions and blog articles and reviewing old product descriptions to improve SEO. This helped benefit the organization by streamlining tasks for current employees, and in the long term by improving the website’s visibility on search engines.

I learned a lot of new skills during my internship, including how to perform SEO and Digital Marketing in an online store context. I also spent time learning how to create SEO-friendly product descriptions and how to set up an Amazon store. All these skills will be very useful in my future Digital Marketing entrepreneurial activities.

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How did you adapt to working remotely and what communication methods were used?

Interning remotely meant I had to get comfortable communicating through video conferencing, emails and WhatsApp text messages, and from the start, I didn’t encounter any major challenges. The company actually had several employees and collaborators working remotely, so it was very natural for me to adapt to their existing communication channels.

Every Monday, we held online conferences, and each member of the team summarized their accomplishments from the previous weeks, along with their tasks for the upcoming week(s). To be able to summarize the relevant tasks/activities without omitting any fundamental points is very important, and was the most important skill I took on-board to improve my own communication style.

Orazio's setting himself up for success as an entrepreneur with his Intern Abroad HQ Digital Marketing & SEO Remote Internship.

How did opting for a long-term remote internship provide you with more opportunity for personal and professional development?

I chose to do the 250 hour internship, which meant I had more time to take on more responsibility. During the first week of my internship, I took a humble approach and tried to listen as much as possible to other team members, in order to learn about the industry, the company and the department I was operating in.

Later in the internship, I felt more comfortable taking initiative during conversations and made some suggestions on how to improve certain digital marketing and SEO aspects. My suggestions were appreciated by the rest of the staff and so were some specific excel spreadsheets I took the liberty to create, which will also benefit the company in the long term.

After my first month, a huge assignment was given to me: creating SEO-friendly product descriptions for more than 60 new products the company was about to launch. This task was demanding and I came up with an efficient plan to finish all descriptions in two weeks, which I did. This was probably my biggest assignment, which I was able to do given that I chose the longer internship duration.

A week after these new descriptions were uploaded on the company’s websites, Google Analytics already showed promising results for the new pages. Most of my articles also received positive feedback from the company’s existing customers. The managers were very pleased with the results and these achievements positively impacted my professional development and overall experience.

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Any advice you’d give to future remote interns?

In hindsight, I think it is really important to keep up the communication with your intern supervisor and the company or organisation you are interning with. Being dependent on your own time management skills is a big component of any internship you do, and being communicative is very helpful on both ends. I also think that asking for help and feedback when needed is crucial for your own success, and truly getting the most out of the program!

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