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Keen to get some real world experience related to your studies, explore a new part of the world and tick off some of the most amazing natural attractions? Internships in Peru provide cultural immersion like no other, as well as amazing placement opportunities that make a real impact. We recently caught up with Southern Utah University students, Miles and Lauren, to discuss why they choose to intern abroad in Peru, the experiences they have enjoyed so far, and what advice they would give to others currently deciding if an internship abroad is right for them.

Hi Miles and Lauren! Why did you both choose to intern in Peru?

“Im Miles, I’m 24 years old from Dallas, Texas, and I’m currently attending Southern Utah University, which is where I first heard about Intern Abroad HQ. I was looking for an internship opportunity within the medical field as I’m currently a pre-med student and am fluent in Spanish. I knew I wanted to travel to a destination where I could use my language skills, so when I found the opportunity to travel, experience a different culture and practice speaking spanish in the medical field, Peru seemed like the perfect choice”.

“I’m Lauren, I’m 23 years old from West Jordan Utah, currently studying at Southern Utah University and came across Intern Abroad HQ through my study abroad office and the study abroad opportunities that they offer. I’m currently studying social work and really wanted to improve my Spanish. The ability to intern abroad in my field, while taking Spanish language classes in a Spanish speaking country was my main driving forces for choosing an internship in Peru”.

Why university students choose to intern in Peru

Can you tell us about the internship tasks you’re involved in?

“At the moment, I’m interning at a medical clinic located in the Santiago district and splitting my time between working in the dental field and the ER. I’ve been exposed to the clinic laboratory where they take patient blood work and in triage taking blood pressure, height and weight readings to help the medical staff with patient diagnosis. My role is mainly to assist, however because of my Spanish skills, I’ve been able to take on a lot more responsibilities which I’ve really appreciated.”

“I’ve been in Cusco for over 2 months now and have managed to get involved in two internships in the social work field. My first placement was with an after school program working with children ages 5-12. It was designed to keep children off the streets, providing a place that’s safe where they can get food and assistance with homework. I’ve also assisted in a hospital social department which has been an incredible environment. I was able to see how medical professionals interact with patients and how such a department within a hospital setting works.”

Why university students choose to intern in Peru

How has this helped you better understand your career goals?

“It has been a really interesting experience because the clinical exposure I’ve gained has helped me better understand what I want to do within the medical field. I’ve been trying to decide between dentistry and medicine and with this internship I’ve been able to do both which has really helped me in deciding what kind of career I want to pursue.”

“I don’t have a set dream job or dream career in mind, but I do know that I want to get involved in social work. I am still very much exploring the field so this experience has allowed me to experience the inner workings of the types of jobs I could get involved in in future. It has really helped me better understand what I do and don’t like.”

Why university students choose to intern in Peru

Did you enjoy the Peruvian homestay accommodation?

“Staying in homestay accommodation with a local spanish family which has been amazing. They are so nice and respectful of your space but also aren’t afraid to invite you to do things with them and their family, making you feel really at home.”

“Staying with a local Spanish family has really helped me with my Spanish. They have been so incredibly kind, making me feel really at home and comfortable since day one. It’s made the whole experience amazing.”

Why university students choose to intern in Peru

Apart from the internship, What have you enjoyed the most?

“One of the best parts about Cusco in general is the people that you meet. I have found a huge support system here, met people from all over the world, and made some great friends. Everyone has heard of Machu Picchu, which is incredibly beautiful, but there are so many other hikes and experiences that you can find. The food is absolutely to die for! I think my favorite thing is just being able to go out and eat with friends. I’ve been playing basketball at the local basketball court a lot as everyone appreciates you coming out and playing.”

“My internship has been very flexible which has allowed me to experience a lot of amazing sites here in Peru. I’ve managed to tick almost everything off my bucket list including visiting Machu Picchu and Rainbow Mountain. They are such amazing sites that I would have never been able to visit if I hadn’t chosen to complete my internship here. I’ve visited so many amazing museums and found so many great local restaurants. It’s been a dream being able to have an internship experience, alongside the opportunity to travel and explore another part of the world.”

Why university students choose to intern in Peru

What advice do you have for other students?

“Some recommendations I have for others tossing up whether an internship is right for them, just ask yourself what if? What if I didn’t go? What if I was never given this experience? Take the opportunity and don’t live with any regrets because you will enjoy yourself and your time abroad, you will make friends and you will end up missing cusco so much when you leave.”

“My words of advice for those considering doing an internship abroad is do it! It is such an amazing experience to help you grow as a person and in your career. I think doing something abroad can help you gain opportunities in a way staying at home could never do.“

Why university students choose to intern in Peru

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