Eligibility requirement: Interns must be qualified or currently studying marketing, communications, fundraising or related fields.

Language requirements: This internship is conducted in English.

Associated career paths: Content Manager & Strategist, Virtual Reality Developer / Editor, SEO/SEM Specialist, UX Designer, Email Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing Manager, Analyst, AI Specialist, Digital Project Manager, Chief Marketing Officer, Social Media Specialist, Brand Manager, Media Coordinator

Internship details

Help local NGOs in Guatemala to raise funds and awareness in the community, allowing them to provide services to disadvantaged people. Interns assist with marketing and social media management, producing content and running fundraising campaigns that directly benefit locals.

This is a remote internship you can conduct virtually from home.

Communications and fundraising are two constant challenges for non-profit organizations in Guatemala, which are dedicated to the provision of support for vulnerable people. As a Marketing for NGOs intern, you’ll help local organizations to promote awareness of their valuable work, increasing their capacity to address the needs of young people, women and other disadvantaged groups. A little help goes a long way – you’ll have the opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of those supported by the NGOs.

An example of one popular placement within this virtual internship is a grassroots organization that empowers and supports young girls by running self-esteem and leadership programs. This organization has been running programs for over three years and has reached more than 1,000 girls, providing them with education related to issues such as human rights, healthy relationships, goal-setting, pubertal health and sexual education. The girls and young women involved in these programs are largely from under-privileged communities and the ultimate aim of the organization is to address inequality, poverty and prevalent social issues such as domestic violence and injustice.

Interns assist the marketing communications of the non-profits by growing their reach on social media and creating inspiring original content such as newsletters, blogs, photos or videos. You’ll help to research new strategies, update their websites and create outreach materials such as brochures and posters to raise awareness and increase your placement’s awareness and support both online and in the local community.

Fundraising activities also play a key role in enabling organizations to deliver their programs and support activities. Interns can help to plan and run fundraising campaigns, researching new and innovative fundraising strategies, creating sponsorship programs and integrating your own fundraising initiatives.

This is a perfect internship for creative, passionate interns looking for new and exciting ways to make a difference and gain real-world insight into the operation and challenges of NGOs. Interns are highly valued and local organizations are open to innovative solutions, so you’re encouraged to use your imagination and deliver quality content strategies to support your placement. You’ll be partnered with a local professional who will outline tasks and deadlines, and help to support your work.

This internship is conducted in English. Spanish is not required for this internship, however those with Spanish language skills will be better able to communicate with local staff and have more scope to engage with relevant resource material in the Spanish language.

Marketing for NGOs interns learn from a qualified and experienced supervisor, and can be involved in:
  • Social media management
  • Creating original content such as blogs, newsletters, photos and videos
  • Designing and implementing marketing and fundraising campaigns
  • Managing fundraising campaigns or events
  • Researching new campaign ideas and fundraising strategies
  • Managing sponsorships
Professional development opportunities:
  • Develop content strategies to grow online audiences
  • Implement creative content to drive fundraising opportunities
  • Gain experience writing blogs, social media content and newsletters
  • Use graphic design skills to produce original workbooks and marketing materials
  • Understand issues of inequality in Guatemala
  • Develop your Spanish language skills
  • Gain practical skills and boost your employability, with guidance from Intern Abroad HQ’s Experiential Learning Curriculum to support your learning and cultural intelligence.
Typical schedule:
  • As a remote intern, you’ll have the flexibility to work to a schedule that suits both you and your supervisor. Your schedule will need to accommodate online meetings with your supervisor when it’s required, so there will be times where you’ll need to be available during office hours in Guatemala.
Internship highlights:
  • Contribute to helping local organizations working with disadvantaged people in Guatemala
  • Use and develop your marketing and communications skills to benefit locals
  • Gain international work experience while interning remotely from home without having to travel
Types of host organizations:
  • Non-profits
  • Community-based organizations
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Program fees

It’s free to apply for this internship. Once we have reviewed your suitability and accepted you onto this program, you’ll need to pay a deposit of US$449 to confirm your place. The remaining balance of your Program Fee (less your initial US$449 deposit payment) will be due within 7 days of being assigned a placement.

Program Fee (USD)
100 hours (3 weeks full time, or 5 weeks part time) $948
250 hours (8 weeks full time, or 12 weeks part time) $1,348
350 hours (13 weeks full time, or 17 weeks part time) $1,648
  • Dedicated support before, during, and after your internship
  • Sourcing and securing your internship placement
  • Personalization of your internship plan
  • Orientation and coaching with your supervisor
  • Documented portfolio of your experiential learnings
  • International reference letter
  • Certificate of Internship Completion
  • A deposit of $449 USD is required to secure your internship
  • Balance of your Program Fee is due within 7 days of being assigned a placement.
  • All payments attract a 5% transaction fee to cover international banking fees and currency charges.
  • International wire transfer payments attract a minimum fee of $75 USD.
  • Terms and Conditions apply.

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