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At Intern Abroad HQ, our mission is to connect students and young professionals with flexible and affordable internships around the world. Backed by a global team, Intern Abroad HQ is proudly brought to you by the same people behind International Volunteer HQ - trusted by over 80,000 volunteers around the world since 2007.

Our internship programs promote cross-cultural competency, while providing interns with tools to inspire personal and professional development. If you’re seeking practical experience, want to enhance your career prospects, or are simply interested in gaining more insight into a field of interest, then check out our diverse range of affordable internships!

Learn more about how we help interns to make a valuable contribution to communities abroad, through our commitment to responsible practice, safety and risk management.

Feel free to contact us for more information or directly email We’re happy to chat and hear your ideas, to help find the right internship for you.

Meet the Team

Daniel Radcliffe - Executive Director

Dan initially founded International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) in 2007, after volunteering abroad himself, and noticing a need for affordable and responsible volunteer opportunities. He was named as New Zealand’s EY Entrepreneur Of The Year in 2014, in recognition of the impact IVHQ has achieved globally. Since then, Dan founded Intern Abroad HQ as a sister company. Intern Abroad HQ shares the same values which make IVHQ trusted, and works to provide affordable, responsible, and flexible internship opportunities around the world.

Daniel Radcliffe Intern Abroad HQ

Ben Brown - Head of Impact, Risk and People

Ben leads our work in Impact and Risk Management, with a special focus on ensuring that all internships and program participants operate in a sustainable, safe and meaningful manner, to create positive social impacts. Ben has over 10 years experience working with large companies on their sustainability programs and he enjoys bringing this expertise to Intern Abroad HQ.

Ben Brown Intern Abroad HQ

Dallas Boyd - Global Internships Manager

Dallas joined Intern Abroad HQ after having spent time working as a Program Manager for International Volunteer HQ. As the Global Internships Manager, Dallas manages internship programs and provides pre-departure support and guidance for all students and young professionals planning and embarking on their internship abroad. As the first point of contact for all Intern Abroad HQ applicants, she’s here to answer questions from the very first step.

Dallas Boyd Intern Abroad HQ

Daniel Churstain - Internships Manager

Daniel completed his Bachelor of Tourism Management at Victoria University in Wellington. After leaving university, Daniel moved to the United States where he lived and worked across a number of states, highlighted by spending a year in Austin, Texas. Since then, Daniel has returned to his hometown of New Plymouth and is passionate about using his experience to help create meaningful and culturally-savvy experiences for interns abroad!

Daniel Churstain Intern Abroad HQ

Alex Cowling - Web Development

Alex emigrated from Gauteng, South Africa with her family to join our New Zealand based team in late 2016, as a front-end web developer. With a history in community engagement since childhood, Alex enjoys blending her profession at Intern Abroad HQ with the opportunity to help make a positive impact on others around her.

Alex Cowling Intern Abroad HQ

Taylor Haskell - Head of Marketing

Taylor oversees the marketing activities of Intern Abroad HQ, managing our growing online community, and helping to ensure that we place sustainable numbers of interns abroad year-round. Taylor completed a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Management at Victoria University in Wellington.

Taylor Haskell Intern Abroad HQ

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