Top 5 Reasons To Do Your Internship Online

5 Reasons to do your internship online in 2021

Online internships are a new alternative to interning abroad that recognizes our existence in a rapidly changing, interconnected world, where we can work remotely. When you intern online, you put independence, proactivity and self-discipline into practice - competencies which are all highly prized by employers. Regardless of where you live, whether interning from home or even during a gap year, an online internship can provide you with international experience and connect you to a world of like-minded professionals and mentors.

Intern Abroad HQ now offers a range of remote international internship placements for students and professionals alike, which bring the world to you.

Enhance your career prospects and distinguish yourself as a career orientated self-starter, get started and hear about the advantages of choosing an online internship. These internships are fully supported and include Intern Abroad HQ’s exclusive experiential learning curriculum. This online program, taken in conjunction with the internship, provides a layer of support that highlights essential soft skills for employability.

How is an online internship different from a normal internship?

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Convenience and flexibility

Unlike your typical 9-5 internship, your online internship program is tailored to your availability, allowing you to choose your own hours, providing the freedom to cultivate a work life balance and alleviating travel costs and time restraints. Whether interning from the comfort of your home or while you’re traveling the world during your gap year, online internships will put your independence and drive into action.

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Dedicated coaching and program support
Intern Abroad HQ’s online placements are unique as they include an experiential learning curriculum. For some interns, this course can assist with being able to meet any course credit or academic requirements. Whatever your criteria may be for obtaining credit through your academic institution, let us know and we can work with you in a personalized manner.

To begin planning your remote internship, one of your first steps will involve outlining your schedule, which specifies:

  • The number of hours you intend to achieve
  • The number of hours you will commit to work each week and each day
  • Your anticipated internship start date and end date
  • Any specific personal or professional goals that you may have

Once this is completed and you have confirmed the internship placement with Intern Abroad HQ, an online introduction, orientation, and induction will be scheduled with your internship placement supervisor. This process enables you to specifically design the objectives, tasks, and timeline that you will follow, in partnership with your internship placement supervisor. You will schedule regular check-ins with your supervisor throughout this timeline, in addition to an off-boarding session to debrief upon completion of your internship. This is an opportunity to celebrate your success, as well as for shared feedback on your remote internship experience.

Intern Abroad HQ’s exclusive experiential learning program commences after your internship has begun and flows week by week, in conjunction with the online internship. This approach enables you to connect your experiences to the development of essential soft skills for employability and resilience.

Internship abroad vs Study Abroad

International cultural immersion and language development
An online internship with Intern Abroad HQ gives you the opportunity to develop cross-cultural experiences by working alongside organizations in over 16 countries in diverse career fields. The diversity of choice gives you the freedom to explore industries and economies that bring a unique perspective to an internship experience.

When you’re choosing the destination that your remote internship will be based out of, consider your timezone and the hours you will optimally dedicate to intern remotely. Intern Abroad HQ offers virtual internships out of countries all around the globe, so that you have access to opportunities across different time zones. Comparing your time zone to that of your internship placement, may help you to schedule your remote work and it’s wise to ensure that at least some of your “business hours” will overlap.

Different destinations that host interns remotely can additionally offer scope to supplement your learning with online language lessons. While English is accepted across all our internship programs, if you’re interested in adding on optional language classes , these can serve as an extra boost to your cultural immersion and international experience. If you’d like to combine a remote internship with language lessons to enhance your personal and professional development, our team can provide guidance to suit you best.

Long term and short online internship programs available
With Intern Abroad HQ, you can begin your online internship whenever suits you best! Program durations range from 100 to 250 hours and provide a platform for you to establish a part-time or fill time schedule, across 3 to 12 weeks. Whether you’re aiming to complete a summer internship while also studying or working, or even to intern over the course of a Gap Year, remote internships offer the flexibility to gain experience around your work-life balance.

An affordable alternative to international travel
Online internships are considerably cheaper than interning or studying abroad, as you don’t have to worry about the cost of flights, accommodation and insurance. Program fees start from just $948, covering your choice of a full or part time virtual internship, over 100 hours. An initial deposit allows us to begin the preparation work required for your remote internship and secures your place on the program. The balance of your internship’s program fee covers the introduction to your host organization and supervisor, the development of your customized internship plan, an online orientation and induction, the Intern Abroad HQ reflective learning framework, and ongoing support before, during and after your internship.

Internship abroad vs Study Abroad

How can I get started?

Our step-by-step guide on how it works provides you with more information on how to get started. The process is user friendly and there are two options you can take to get the ball rolling.

  1. If you’re unsure of which internship program is right for you, you can simply check availability to submit an enquiry which will help us to point you in the right direction. If you want to chat over the phone, you can also find our full contact information here.

  2. If you already have an idea of what you want to do, and when you want to do it, you can submit your application. It doesn’t cost anything and won’t take more than 5 minutes. However, your formal expression of interest provides the foundation for us to help you take the next steps.


Affordable global experiences

Affordable global experiences

Competitively priced placements with international organizations that enhance your cultural intelligence, self-awareness and global understanding.
Exclusive experiential learning curriculum

Exclusive experiential learning curriculum

Our reflection-based curriculum supports your learning experience to foster transferable skills that are essential for employability.
Customized for you

Customized for you

Our flexible internships are tailored to meet your course credit, academic major or career path requirements, with remote and in-country options across 24 destinations.
Socially & environmentally responsible

Socially & environmentally responsible

As a certified B Corporation, our impact on interns, local teams, communities and the environment is audited and held to the highest standards