Computer Science & IT remote internships out of Spain

Valencia has a fast-developing start-up scene and flourishing technology sector with many companies engaged in digital transformation and innovation. Online Information Technology internships are offered across a broad range of industries and fields, including:

  • Network and cyber security
  • Application development and maintenance
  • Blog and website development
  • Software development
  • Systems and marketing
  • UX design
  • Code programming
  • Web optimization
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Mechanics
  • Software programming
  • 3D printing
  • Game development
  • Video editing
  • Graphic design
  • Python development
  • Digital marketing
  • Data analysis

Interns must be prepared to spend time learning about the host company and marketplace it operates in, as well as participating across the various phases of project cycles. Specific internship activities will vary according to each intern’s experience, skill set and interests, so the levels of responsibility and involvement will vary. Short-term remote interns can expect to have an introductory experience, as it is standard for every intern to spend time establishing foundations to build upon. Longer-term internship assignments allow participants to become more deeply involved in projects and make a greater contribution.

If you have specific preferences for your Information Technology internship, please be sure to include the details when you submit your application. The more we know about your interests and aims when you apply, the better we can support you to move forward.

This internship is conducted in English, or in Spanish by agreement with your internship supervisor. Online Spanish language lessons can be arranged in conjunction with your remote internship if you’d like to further develop your skills.

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Eligibility Requirement

At least one year of relevant college/university study in Information Technology, Information Sciences, Engineering or a related field.

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