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Remote Internships Process

Remote Internships Process

Intern Abroad HQ’s remote internships are designed to provide you with the same rewarding personal development experience as our overseas internships – but without the travel!

If you have commitments at home, physical limitations, or simply can’t afford the cost of international flights, our remote internships are a great way to add international work experience and cultural intelligence to your resume.

Wondering how a remote internship works? Here’s a detailed breakdown of what happens at each stage of the online internship experience!

What to expect from an remote internship with Intern Abroad HQ

Before you start

All our virtual internship placements are with host organizations in your chosen country. We put a great deal of time and effort into sourcing and customizing the perfect virtual placement for you to ensure it meets your learning goals. We can also provide assistance if you need to meet specific academic requirements.

To kick start this process, you’ll need to submit your application to Intern Abroad HQ, be accepted onto your remote internship program, and pay your deposit. After that, you should allow at least 2 weeks for us to identify a great placement for you. You can learn more about our application and placement process here.

Once we’ve secured an internship placement for you, we’ll work with you to customize it. We’ll also support you with any preparations, including assisting you with any academic requirements or funding applications.

Before you start

Begin your remote internship!

You may feel nervous starting an internship virtually if it’s all new to you, but that’s totally normal. Remember that Covid-19 forced many companies and organizations to operate with remote workers, so you’re unlikely to be the only one joining meetings and calls virtually.

The number of intern positions on each remote program is capped to ensure you have the greatest chance at making a meaningful contribution and get the support and guidance needed to achieve your specific goals.

To ensure a smooth and easy integration into your new team, you will be:

  • Provided with a manual, outlining tips for planning and communication
  • Introduced to your supervisor and host organisation before starting
  • Given instructions on how to use video conferencing and other collaboration platforms (such as Email, WhatsApp or Slack) to communicate with your supervisor and team
  • Given the chance to connect and collaborate with other interns where possible
  • Offered online language lessons alongside your internship, providing an enhanced cultural experience and social engagement
  • Invited to discuss your guided written reflections with your supervisor

You can also hear from current remote interns by reading about their experiences on our blog or following Intern Abroad HQ on Facebook and Instagram.

Before you start

”I was amazed at how connected I felt to everyone from halfway across the world. One of the most memorable moments was being added to the WhatsApp group for 10th grade students learning English. The kids sent voice memos to introduce themselves. It was really special to get such a warm welcome.”

Online orientation

All of our remote internship programs kick off with an Online Orientation. This includes a detailed briefing about your internship program and its objectives, as well as an overview of your host organization. You’ll be briefed in advance, through provision of an Orientation Checklist, which will highlight the key discussion points to cover with your Supervisor. This will include learning about the placement’s company culture and mission, plus guidance on establishing your plan of action for the remote internship role.

Online orientation

Internship placement

At the start of your placement, you will work closely with your Internship Supervisor, who will be a representative from your host organization. You will agree your internship plan with them, and they will help you as any questions arise to ensure that you always have a dedicated support contact.

Whether you need to discuss progress, learning goals, submit paperwork for academic credits, or gain a deeper level of insight into your desired profession, your Supervisor is your “go to” person, and will help you stay on track with regular check-ins.

Depending on your internship placement, you may be asked to collaborate with other team members, host organization employees, or interns.

Internship placement

”My supervisor showed pride that her institute offers a remote option for those who can’t travel, as they give those who seek experience in the field a great opportunity to expand their resume and connections. If I ever needed help, my supervisor was more than willing to provide it. Your remote internship placement wants to help you learn and gain experience for your future.”

Virtual check ins

In addition to your placement Supervisor, your local Internship Coordinator will be available to provide additional support throughout your internship placement. They act as a dedicated liaison between you and your placement Supervisor. Their role is to ensure you have a smooth relationship with your Supervisor. You’ll be given their contact details so you can reach them quickly and easily for any reason.

Your Intern Abroad HQ Internship Manager will also be accessible via email or phone if you have any questions or concerns that your Coordinator is unable to address.

Virtual check ins

Experiential Learning Curriculum

Our Experiential Learning Curriculum is included on all internships, and involves completing written reflection exercises during your placement. Once a week, you’ll receive a weekly reflection module to complete. Each module explains the topic of that week’s reflections, an introduction, the learning objectives, and a series of thought-provoking questions for both personal and professional development considerations. Your Internship Program Manager will review your submissions for each module and is available to provide feedback and guidance to maximize your self-development.

Our interns tell us that the Experiential Learning Curriculum process really helps them to build self-awareness, deepen their cultural intelligence, and broaden the soft skills that employers look for.

More on experiential learning
Experiential Learning Curriculum

”I chose to intern with Intern Abroad HQ because from the beginning, they were very honest, responsive and flexible. One of the benefits of interning remotely is the easy accessibility. Being able to work from a place of comfort allows for a greater level of concentration and flexibility which in return affects your overall work. I would not only look at it as an internship placement but also as an investment opportunity. This is an investment in your professional career that will only pay dividends in the long run. You are setting yourself up for success!”

Certificate of Completion and written reflections

Upon successful completion of your remote internship, you will receive a portfolio of your Experiential Learning reflections for you to reference when preparing for job or university interviews. These will be invaluable to you as you’ll be able to refer back to this portfolio whenever you need to showcase your internship experience. Many interns have told us that their portfolio really helped them to better articulate their competencies during interviews. You’ll also receive a certificate of internship completion.

Certificate of Completion and written reflections

International reference letter

Upon completion of your remote internship, you’ll be able to request a letter of recommendation from your Internship Supervisor. This is an official and professional acknowledgment which references your accomplishments, provides feedback on your contributions, and highlights your particular learnings and achievements. If you have completed your weekly written reflections, you may additionally request a secondary letter of reference from Intern Abroad HQ, which focuses on the development of universally transferable employability skills.

Certificate of Completion and written reflections

Extending your internship

If you wish to extend the duration of your remote internship once you’ve started, you can contact your Internship Program Manager at Intern Abroad HQ for guidance. We will do our best to accommodate your request, but extensions are subject to availability.

Experiential Learning Curriculum

”I feel so much more empowered in the field of journalism, both in the development of new skills, but also in having my work published and aired by a well-established radio station. This station recognized my work ethic and potential, and allowed me to bring my visions to life. I am extremely thankful for this opportunity and the ways it has helped me feel more motivated, established and confident in my abilities.”

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