Marketing & Communications remote internships out of Spain

Online Marketing and Communications internships out of Spain offer a broad scope of creative placement opportunities, within both the private, NGO, tech, and start-up sector. Valencia is home to Spain’s most extensive entrepreneur ecosystems, where many young professionals and digital nomads work remotely, making it an exciting host city for your virtual placement.

Interns typically have the opportunity to work remotely within multi-disciplinary teams, creating campaigns to promote brands across global markets. You’ll need to bring an open-minded, positive and adaptable attitude so that you can contribute proactively to the development of new projects, create content, engage with social networks, work with advertising agencies, support translations, and more.

Marketing aspects of an internship in this field can be related to gaining experience with digital platforms, e-marketing, multimedia videos, graphic design and social media. If you have a specific interest in graphic design, please ensure that you provide details within your application.

The diverse opportunities are spread across a wide variety of industries, such as commerce, health, real estate, sports, tech, tourism, start-up companies, and more. Interns are placed with innovative companies and organizations and can expect to support various operational departments remotely, while analysing processes and providing feedback.

This internship is conducted in English, or in Spanish by agreement with your internship supervisor. Online Spanish language lessons can be arranged in conjunction with your remote internship if you’d like to further develop your language skills.

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Eligibility Requirement

At least one year of relevant college/university study in marketing, communications, business management, or a related field. Knowledge of social media marketing and digital communications is also required.

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