Eligibility requirement: Interns should have some knowledge of MS Excel. An interest in social work, international development and education is desired. High School Students aged 16+ may be accepted, depending on the strength of their application.

Language requirements: This internship is conducted in English.

Associated career paths: Domestic and International Advocacy, Humanitarian Service Worker, Policy Developer, Educator, Volunteer Coordinator, Fundraiser, Human Rights Lawyer, Public Health Worker, Campaign Manager, Program Administrator, Diplomat, Foreign Affairs Worker, Political Adviser, Public Sector Worker, Foreign News Correspondent, Journalist

Internship details

Assist NGOs in India that are active in various fields of social work, supporting underprivileged women, vulnerable children, low-income families, or other disadvantaged communities.

This is a remote internship you can conduct from home.

These remote internships in Social Work and NGO support provide valued assistance to organizations working on the front line of important social issues across India. These organizations focus on helping individuals and communities with issues including women’s empowerment, community development, capacity building, and income generation for disadvantaged minority groups.

There a wide range of placement options available, each within organizations that have their own unique priorities. Internships are customized both for the organization and the intern, and placements are allocated where is the greatest mutual benefit for locals and for you.

While the role of remote interns does vary, interns often assist with researching and reporting on specific case studies, using information to write reports and inform feedback on social issues. Interns can also assist with public relations fundraising activities, writing content for newsletters, blogs or social media, or helping with e-commerce initiatives such as product marketing or sales that provide a source of income to disadvantaged people.

One popular placement is with a non-profit organization in Rajasthan, that works with disadvantaged women and girls, helping to teach them job skills and financial literacy. These women often face a wide range of discrimination based on their caste, economic background or gender, and the education and assistance they receive can make a significant difference to their lives.

Another internship placement is with an NGO that focuses on literacy teaching, providing education to disadvantaged communities that help with employment prospects. Interns can help to prepare educational material and classes, assess students’ progress and provide feedback on learning.

Interns may additionally have the option to focus on activities related to issues caused by Covid-19. For example, NGOs may work to help distribute tests, disinfectant, face masks, medical equipment, etc. Hotlines are also operated to help address the increased risk of domestic violence, which is escalated due to lockdowns and job insecurity. Remote interns may become involved with the PR, communications and fundraising activities, which are related to such initiatives.

This virtual internship is well suited to interns who are unable to travel but still wish to gain experience helping disadvantaged groups, where your contribution makes a genuine difference in underprivileged communities in India. This internship is conducted in English.

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Social Work and NGO Support interns learn from a qualified and experienced supervisor, and can be involved in:
  • Researching and reporting on case studies
  • Writing reports on social issues
  • Public relations
  • Helping to organize fundraising activities
  • Writing content for newsletters, blogs or social media
  • Preparing education material and classes
Professional development opportunities:
  • Learn about Indian society and the difficulties of disadvantaged communities
  • Experience how social work NGOs are managed and operated
  • Help with communications, PR, marketing and fundraising for nonprofits
  • Gain practical skills and boost your employability, with guidance from Intern Abroad HQ’s Experiential Learning Curriculum to support your learning and cultural intelligence
Typical schedule:
  • Remote interns can arrange your own schedule with your supervisor, based on either a 20- or 40-hour work week. Occasional weekend work may be required
Internship highlights:
  • Gain practical social work experience while helping others
  • Build foundational training in the field through coursework like social work research and case management
  • Show social responsibility by engaging in meaningful work
  • Gain international work experience while interning remotely from home without having to travel
Types of host organizations:
  • Social work NGOs
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Program fees

It’s free to apply for this internship. Once we have reviewed your suitability and accepted you onto this program, you’ll need to pay a deposit of US$449 to confirm your place. The remaining balance of your Program Fee (less your initial US$449 deposit payment) will be due within 7 days of being assigned a placement.

Program Fee (USD)
100 hours (3 weeks full time, or 5 weeks part time) $948
250 hours (8 weeks full time, or 12 weeks part time) $1,348
350 hours (13 weeks full time, or 17 weeks part time) $1,648
  • Dedicated support before, during, and after your internship
  • Sourcing and securing your internship placement
  • Personalization of your internship plan
  • Orientation and coaching with your supervisor
  • Documented portfolio of your experiential learnings
  • International reference letter
  • Certificate of Internship Completion
  • A deposit of $449 USD is required to secure your internship
  • Balance of your Program Fee is due within 7 days of being assigned a placement.
  • All payments attract a 5% transaction fee to cover international banking fees and currency charges.
  • International wire transfer payments attract a minimum fee of $75 USD.
  • Terms and Conditions apply.

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