Sports Internships Abroad

If you’re passionate about sports and eager to share your knowledge with others, a sports internship abroad in this field can broaden your experience and skill-sets. Teaching physical education to others can be used as an effective means to provide positive role-modelling, while encouraging self-confidence, leadership skills, and teamwork. Combine a sports focus with an education-based internship, to develop your skills working with children and youth. Otherwise, explore our other internship opportunities that are more specifically related to education and healthcare.

Where Can I Take A Sports Internship Abroad?

Depending on your area of study and expertise, each Sports Internship destination offers its own unique placement work with your desired sporting field.

Who Can Take A Sports Internship Abroad?

Our internships are super flexible and we only have a few basic requirements:

  • Proficient in the English language
  • Have graduated high school by your internship program start date
  • Be at least 18 years old by your internship program start date
  • Capable of presenting a clean criminal background check

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If you’re a university student ideal fields of study include:

  • Sports Management
  • Sports Studies
  • Sports Science
  • Sports Medicine
  • Exercise Science
  • Education
  • Business Administration

When Can I Take An Internship?

Internships are available year-round with minimum durations starting at 2 weeks. We offer flexible start dates to work in with your schedule. Whether it is a Summer internship abroad or you’re inbetween opportunities and would like to grow your global experience, we can plan an internship to suit.

What Type Of Work Can I Take Part In?

Depending on the destination you select, the type of sports work varies with each internship. Every sports internship that we offer is diverse, so no internship role is alike within this exciting field. If you’d like an internship within a school setting, then our Peru program allows you to teach physical education through set sessions and education support. For a mix of NGOs and private schools, our Spain program allows you to work within the community, as well as the school system at a range of ages.

What Costs Are Involved?

Intern Abroad HQ offers the most affordable internship abroad fees. These are broken down into two seperate payments, the registration fee which is US$299 and covers the following:

  • Dedicated intern support
  • Comprehensive internship guide
  • Reflection learning course
  • Pre-departure interview
  • Flight and travel insurance deals

Then there is the program fee, which is based upon the destination you intern in and the duration. For sports internships, Peru offers the lowest program fee of US$545 for 2 weeks and includes:

  • 24/7 in-country support
  • Airport pick-up
  • Program orientation
  • Internship placement
  • Learning support service
  • Accommodation & meals

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Feel free to get in contact with us if you have any questions regarding our sports internships abroad.