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Intern Abroad HQ offers international internships across a diverse range of career fields in 7 destinations across Africa, Asia, Central America and Europe. As an international intern, your skills and interests are matched with a relevant placement organization to ensure you can gain hands-on practical experience that translates to your college degree or career path. With Intern Abroad HQ, you’ll have the opportunity to live in a new country, be immersed in the local culture, and make a valuable contribution to your host community. Internship opportunities can be taken at any time with Intern Abroad HQ and we offer you the most flexible and affordable programs available.

Intern Abroad HQ is the sister company to International Volunteer HQ, the world’s leading volunteer travel organization which has supported over 90,000 travelers to volunteer abroad since 2007.

Animal Care & Wildlife Conservation Internships Abroad Intern Abroad HQ
Animal Care Internships

Browse our range of diverse Animal Care internships abroad. Whether you have qualifications in marine biology, veterinary skills or simply a passion for animal welfare, explore the animal care internships that await you.

Business Administration & Management Internships Abroad Intern Abroad HQ
Business Internships

If you’re yet to step into the business world, or looking for global experience in a business setting, we have internships available in non-profits, as well as commercial enterprises. See what Business intern abroad opportunities are available.

Youth Development & Education Internships Abroad Intern Abroad HQ
Education Internships

Take your educator experience to another level with a culturally-immersive internship abroad. Whether you’re set for a career in teaching or looking to expand your cross-cultural understanding, our teaching intern opportunities are perfect for interns looking to gain practical experience abroad.

Architecture, Engineering & Design Internships Abroad Intern Abroad HQ
Engineering Internships

Internships abroad in Engineering and Design allow you to enhance your global perspective on the industry while gaining invaluable practical experience to support your professional development. Kick start your career today with an internship abroad.

Wildlife & Environmental Internships Abroad Intern Abroad HQ
Environmental Internships

If you’re considering an Environmental career or looking for your first conservation internship, Intern Abroad HQ offers a wide range of career-focused options that allow for practical and theoretical experience. Dive in to a range of internships.

Medical & Social Work Internships Abroad Intern Abroad HQ
Medical Internships

Taking a Medical internship abroad allows you to further your career experience in your chosen field. Whether you’re at an undergraduate level of study or qualified in your medical field, explore the intern abroad options that await you.

Legal Internships Abroad Intern Abroad HQ
Law Internships

Taking a Law internship abroad can offer you insight into global policies and social advocacy avenues. With opportunities to intern in NGOs, law firms or human rights organizations,see what Law internships are available to you.

Management Internships Abroad
Management Internships

If you’re considering a career in Management, an internship abroad enables you to gain real world experience, across a diverse range of focus fields. Take your skillset and areas of interest to the next level by exploring the options available to you.

Marketing Internships Abroad Internships Abroad
Marketing Internships

In an industry driven by experience, taking a Marketing internship abroad allows you to explore your creative talents, build professional networks and gain hands-on experience. No matter your focus area of Marketing, there is an internship abroad waiting for you.

Sports Internships Abroad
Sports Internships

Breaking into the sporting world as a career can be difficult even for those of us strictly looking for an office job. Taking a Sports internship abroad enables you to put your passion into practice, building upon your skillset, in an education-based setting. Whether your focus is education or management, there is an opportunity for you.

Sustainable Tourism & Hospitality Internships Abroad Intern Abroad HQ
Hospitality Internships

There is no better way to experience the hospitality industry than a internship abroad. Take your relevant experience into the real world, boost your resume and learn new skills in a different part of the world. Whether Hospitality or Tourism is your focus, explore what internships await.

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