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Looking for an unforgettable internship experience in Europe? Intern Abroad HQ offers amazing internship opportunities in Greece! With its beautiful beaches and islands, ancient ruins, and fascinating culture, internships in Greece provide an incredible range of short-term and long-term options. Available for students, graduates, career changers, and gap year travelers!

Internships in Greece are available within the following fields:

Interns can choose a minimum duration of 2 weeks, up to 12 weeks, with start dates available year-round. Let us take care of connecting you with a network of experienced host organizations within your field, while also arranging your airport pick up, accommodation, and providing 24/7 in-country support.

Where in Greece can I intern?

A diverse range of internships in Greece are located in Athens and Thessaloniki. The Aegean Marine Science & Island Conservation internship is located in Samos, a Greek island, located in the eastern Aegean Sea.

“I chose this Engineering internship based out of Thessaloniki, Greece on the basis that I have a passion for innovation, design and problem solving. This was my first time traveling alone and it allowed me to mature so much!” - Gabriel Grays, Engineering internship in Thessaloniki, Greece

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When is the best time of year to intern?

The Aegean Marine Science & Island Conservation internship operates year-round. The winter period usually begins from about November through till March. If you intern during this season, tasks are more likely to focus on marine ecology, microplastic assessment in the laboratory, and marine sanctuary project priorities.

Internships located in Athens and Thessaloniki - such as Medical, Cultural Arts & Heritage, Psychology, Engineering, IT, Veterinary and Wildlife Conservation placements - are unavailable in August. August is the primary summer vacation period for many Greeks. At this time, locals will usually head to the beach for rest and relaxation. Apart from this month, the internships are available year-round.

“My favorite memory from the internship was my first time diving into the water and seeing the myriad of fish swimming around me. It was an unforgettable experience and will remain with me for the rest of my life!” - Okke Schraa, Aegean Marine Science & Island Conservation internship in Samos, Greece

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What are some highlights of this destination?

Thinking of Greece brings to mind images of beautiful beaches, turquoise waters, cities filled with history, monuments, museums and art, deliciously fresh food and smiling faces. This is what Greece is all about! Hospitable and friendly with strong family ties. The sun, food, people, all leave a lasting impression on all those who visit.

The pace of life is a lot slower, and it’s very rare to see anyone in a rush to get anywhere, or have anything done. It is all about the simple pleasures - enjoying a coffee, an afternoon siesta, a good book, in a lounge chair, in the sun. These are the things not to be rushed. The Greeks really know how to enjoy life, and the streets, taverns and restaurants really come alive with music and laughter, morning to night.

“I conducted my internship in a top private hospital with cutting-edge technology. It was one of the most impressive organizations I have ever seen in healthcare. I also had the chance to observe one of the best hematologists in Europe at work, they were an amazing supervisor, teaching me a lot! Everything I learned will be useful in my future career as a clinician. It will also help me to complete my medical degree.” - Francesco Conrado, Medical internship in Athens, Greece

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I don’t speak Greek - can I still do an internship?

Yes, 100%! All internships hosted out of Greece are conducted in English. You may encounter a language barrier from time to time, especially if you’re out and about, but this does not prohibit the internship experience itself.

“Throughout my time in the hospital, I was not only able to learn under the supervision of many experienced medical professionals, but I was able to interact with many patients from different backgrounds. Shadowing doctors that not only helped patients within Athens, but also tourists that came from different backgrounds, showed me that the goal of medicine is the same throughout the world, but each area has certain techniques pertaining to their culture and community.” - Dhairya Desai, Medical internship in Athens, Greece

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What is the accommodation like?

Most interns in Greece are accommodated in clean and comfortable, fully furnished apartments or selected hotel / hostel rooms. Meals are excluded, as kitchen facilities are provided within all of the accommodations and affordable supermarkets are easily accessible. Speak with your Program Manager if you have further questions.

As an exception, the Aegean Marine Science & Island Conservation internship has their own accommodation bases. Here, rooms are simple and each room can sleep approx. 3-4 guests. All have an ensuite toilet and shower. Private rooms are unavailable. This particular program also includes three meals per day, served at the accommodation/base. Learn more here.

If you want to participate in the program alongside friends, this is no problem - arrangements can be made to ensure you’re accommodated together.

“My internship in Greece allowed me to become so much more independent and confident in myself. I really enjoyed the independent nature of this internship, and the friendships I made with the other interns meant so much to me.” - Sharon Nugent, Physical Therapy internship in Athens, Greece

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What is the food like in Greece?

The food in Greece is absolutely amazing. Greece has a thriving coffee culture which is delightful to partake in (there is also WiFi in almost all coffee shops and restaurants). Greek cuisine offers a range of incredible dishes to experience, including well known classics such as Moussaka and Souvlaki. The Mediterranean diet features meat (cow, chicken, lamb), pasta, rice, pulses, vegetables, and a variety of fish and seafood. When in doubt, skip straight to dessert. There are dozens of great places where you can feast without breaking the bank. Your taste buds will thank you for traveling to Greece!

“I absolutely loved the perfect authentic Greek experience. You can experience a lot on foot, the locals are kind, and the food is forever imprinted on my taste buds. In my whole entire life, I have never felt so harmonized with nature.” - Meena Moss, Aegean Marine Science & Island Conservation internship in Samos, Greece

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How can interns spend their weekends?

During the internship, weekends and evenings are available for free time and leisure activities. There is no shortage of wonderful things to see and do! Local coordinators can assist with activity recommendations, so be sure to ask them for advice about maximizing your time and budget.

“The most memorable moment for me from my time abroad was stepping out onto the Acropolis and seeing the view of Athens. I’ve been able to see so many amazing things and had some great experiences.” - Sarah Vicari, Medical internship in Athens, Greece

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How is ongoing support provided?

When in Greece, the local on-the-ground team is your first point of contact. They provide resources and support for 24/7 assistance, while also ensuring that the internship experience is running smoothly throughout. They assist with all program logistics, from your arrival, to being guided through the orientation, and more.

For individual internship placements, supervision is handled by a range of professional staff. Such team members are in the best position to provide guidance, direction, and answer questions as it will pertain to current duties and responsibilities.

Intern Abroad HQ maintains additional contact with interns throughout, via the experiential learning curriculum or “reflection” submissions.

These various layers of support give us the opportunity to monitor experience and progress, allowing us to resolve any issues if they arise.

“I enjoyed everything in the internship - it was 100% worth it. I learned a lot and met new people that were amazingly helpful. From day one, I was made to feel like I’d always been part of the team. They taught and helped me in all ways - I honestly cannot find any substandard points to comment on, because this team gave me everything they could.” - Karam Aldakak, Dental internship in Athens, Greece

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​​What are top tips for a successful internship?

  • Expect that your first week on the internship will focus on building the foundations of what you are going to do/develop over the remainder of your stay.

  • Remember that the ability to gain a great professional reputation comes down to your attitude and willingness to get stuck in, doing more than the bare minimum required. The more you can show that you’re able to do, the more you will do!

  • Be proactive and open minded. The culture and lifestyle in Greece might be different than what you’re used to. Make your best effort to learn, ask questions, take in new ideas, and have a positive mindset!

  • Communicate with your supervisor and our team if any questions or concerns arise. We are always available to support and assist with your efforts to maintain positive relationships.

“If I could go back in time, I would definitely tell my younger self to relax; it’s easier and funner than you think! This internship has gone a long way in allowing me to finally figure out what field I want to go into.” - David Rocha, Medical internship in Tanzania

Intern abroad in Greece with Intern Abroad HQ

​​I’m ready! I’m ready! How can I start planning my internship abroad?

Found your ideal opportunity yet? Check out our amazing range of internship opportunities offered out of Greece!

Submit your interest via our online application form (for free). We’ll review your application to confirm you’re a good match for your chosen internship program and that there is availability for the dates you’ve requested. We can then accept you into the program.

Once you’re accepted, you can reserve your place by paying a deposit of $499 USD. This confirmation allows us to reserve your desired internship dates while we arrange your placement and customize your internship. Then let the adventure begin!