How Adam's Remote Environmental Law Internship with Intern Abroad HQ empowered him.

Adam McCaw, a student at Carleton University, recently completed a 12-week Environmental Law remote internship to gain diverse international career experience. He tells us about his first week, the task he was involved in, his most memorable moments and working towards long term goals.

The first week of my virtual internship experience was far less hectic than I expected. It was so nice to be eased into the internship process and to learn more about the organization I would be working alongside. It was helpful being given the time to do some of my own personal research on topics such as trawlers and the smaller coastal boats I would be working with in the upcoming weeks.

During my very first meeting I was given a tour of the fishing boat my hosts worked from. I got to see some of the equipment that they used in their scientific research as well as the smaller coastal boats that many locals used to fish. It was great to be given a visual like this and made me feel like I was on the boat with them!

Adam's Remote Environmental Law Internship with Intern Abroad HQ out of Greece.

Day to day tasks as an Environmental Law intern

During my internship I was required to conduct legal research about fisheries, specifically trawling, in order to compare the different national policies of Canada and Greece. I started by looking over the general framework of fisheries in Canada before moving on to policy more centric to trawling. The organization was hoping to use Canada’s policy as a springboard for ideas that they could suggest to their local and national governments.

The internship provided me with a great deal of experience around conducting research, experience which I believe would be very beneficial to any future career related to law.

How interning remotely contributed to my long-term career goals

This internship has helped me with my long-term goal of achieving a career in the field of law. By familiarizing myself with aspects of law-related work, I am now able to incorporate these skills into a future career. Many of those in the legal field are required to conduct a great deal of research for court cases and undergo strict policy analysis.

The experience of conducting research opens up a lot of career opportunities in a wide range of areas. It also helps with my other long-term goal to make an impact during my lifetime. By contributing to a project bigger than myself, it helps me feel as though I have made a difference. This may only be one piece of the puzzle, but it helps to push me in the right direction.

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Adam's Remote Internship in Environmental Law out of Greece with Intern Abroad HQ.

Biggest learnings from my online internship experience

I feel so much more empowered in my field having finished my internship because I have gained valuable knowledge about the type of work involved in Environmental Law. A major reason I decided to participate in this internship was to determine whether environmental law was an area I’d like to explore going forward.

I now know that environmental work is definitely something I can see myself getting involved in. There are a variety of jobs within this field, and I strive to find one that involves environmental protection and that can broaden my horizons to the type of work involved with this.

Memorable moments from my remote Law internship

My favorite memory from the internship has been receiving commendation for all the hard work I did. It’s very different from my university where any positive feedback comes in the form of a letter grade. The positive feedback and constructive criticism I received during this internship felt far more personal and meaningful.

I could tell that the team leader truly cared about what I had to say and was truly appreciative of my work. Receiving that appreciation face-to-face felt far more rewarding and inspiring. It made me truly care about the work I had done. I hope to carry this feeling into the next phase of my life, be it volunteering or a new career.

Adam's Intern Abroad HQ Greece Remote Environmental Law Internship.

If you’re considering an internship with Intern Abroad HQ…

If I were to provide advice to myself or others, it would be to not worry and stress out so much about throwing yourself into something new and unknown. The internship staff are all very clear, communicative, and helpful. They want you to succeed and to come away from the internship having had a memorable experience.

Also remember:

  • You’re making a difference, even if you can’t see it
  • Take your time, take it slow
  • Ask the questions you need to ask
  • Don’t be afraid to make recommendations you think would be beneficial to your host organization
  • You often know what you think you don’t and think you know what you don’t

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How can I get started?

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