How Ray's Remote Psychology Internship with Intern Abroad HQ will help her become a therapist.

Ray Walker, an aspiring Psychologist from Nova Southeastern University recently completed Intern Abroad HQ’s remote Psychology internship based out of Spain. Read how she found working remotely, gained valuable Psychology career experience and got closer to her dream of becoming a therapist!

I have gained so much first-hand experience from my remote internship, been introduced to new concepts in psychology, had my initiative tested and learnt about new methods of addressing different psychological ailments. I learnt about working as a team and working with different demographics. With newfound knowledge and my own personal experience under my belt I feel more empowered to be successful in my field.

Unparalleled support from my supervisor

One element of my internship that stood out from the very beginning was how my supervisor catered to me and my needs. She asked me specifically what I wanted to gain and learn from my internship experience, and I felt as though the assignment I was given was exactly what I needed to learn more about therapy and the path that I want to take in future. It was reassuring that my supervisor was genuinely listening to me so she could find the best way to curate responsibilities and tasks in an experience that would truly prepare me for the career I am pursuing in Psychology.

Ray's Remote Psychology Internship experience with Intern Abroad HQ out of Spain.

Gaining therapy experience as a virtual Psychology intern

My role as a virtual intern involved virtually shadowing therapy sessions with those suffering from a range of mental health illnesses. This included one patient suffering from PTSD and attention focusing issues, and a classroom filled with elderly patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases.

In these sessions, I was able to view the ways in which the therapists and teachers interacted and spoke with their patients, as well as the activities they engage in. I was also tasked with creating a student assessment for some of my supervisor’s patients suffering from neurodegenerative illnesses using a program called SSPS. This helped my supervisor organize her data and classes more effectively for each individual patient in the Alzheimer’s classes, while also helping to address other patients with more attention and detail.

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Ray's experience on her Remote Psychology Internship out of Spain with Intern Abroad HQ.

How this internship contributes towards my goal of becoming a therapist

My role of observing, watching, and listening to therapists assist patients, children, and adults with a variety of issues provided crucial experience needed to achieve my long-term goal of becoming a therapist myself. There is only so much one can learn in the classroom and there is no substitute for experience - especially in a profession that relies so heavily on interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence.

I have learnt that when dealing with children, it is always best to first provide them with toys or colouring books to keep them happy, comfortable, and entertained. I also learnt that although it is important to discuss the child’s issues and circumstances with the parents, it is also important to spend time in a session alone with the child and be patient with them. I want to specialize in helping women and children, so this opportunity to work with a troubled child and his mother is unparalleled to anything I could have learnt from a textbook.

Amazing memories from my virtual Psychology internship

My favourite memory from my Psychology internship was seeing Alzheimer’s students engage in musical therapy with their teacher. The students would light up and become animated when the teacher was playing the flute and singing with them, and they were listening to songs that they had heard from when they were growing up. It was a perfect example of happiness spreading happiness, because as soon as one student got into it, more and more students did as well, including myself. It was an amazing opportunity to see musical therapy working in action for the first time amongst actual patients and not just in a textbook.

My advice for future interns…

The biggest advice I could give is to relax and not be too stressed out about starting in full swing. Instead, be patient as your supervisor works around her busy timetable to accommodate you and her patients, it will all be worth it!

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