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Internships in Greece (with college credit)

Greece Internships with college credit

Did you know you can intern abroad for college credit? International internships provide fantastic experiences, where you can boost your resume through exposure to practical learning. If you’re a student, you can amplify these advantages by achieving credit at the same time!

Intern Abroad HQ offers a diverse range of credit-bearing internships in Greece. Choose from internships available in Wildlife Conservation, Health, Engineering, IT, Arts and more. College credit may additionally be earned through select remote internship programs.

These credit-bearing internships are offered in collaboration with Webster University (Athens Campus). Webster University has a comprehensive network of campuses in cities around the world, including the USA, with a unified academic experience in all locations. The university carries full institutional accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). As the course catalog and credit system are the same throughout the Webster University international network, their accreditation may be applied worldwide.

  • Program Fees from US$4,139 for 5 weeks
  • Includes arrangement of your placement, airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, and 24/7 in-country support
  • Opportunity to transfer credit back to your home academic institution

  • Choose from internships based in Athens, Thessaloniki and Crete

  • Start dates available every month

Explore internships in Greece - for credit
Fully hosted experience from US$4,139
Includes a private room in shared accommodation
Start dates every other Monday
Intern for 5 to 20 Weeks
Language lessons available
Get job-ready with our Experiential Learning Curriculum
Internships align with UN Sustainable Development Goals

Internship opportunities

Cultural Arts & Heritage (credit-bearing)
Cultural Arts & Heritage Internships in Athens
Internship Abroad in Greece - for credit

Earn college credit, as you collaborate alongside cultural, historical and artistic professionals. Learn about diverse artistic techniques in Athens.

Dentistry (credit-bearing)
Dental Internships in Greece
Internship Abroad in Greece - for credit

For-credit dental internships offer experience in a range of specialties. Intern abroad, to learn from local dentists in state-of-the-art clinics and hospitals.

Electric Vehicles & Drones (credit-bearing)
Electric Vehicles & Drones Internships with college credits
Internship Abroad in Greece - for credit

Earn course credit, build your resume, and gain practical experience related to drone research and development projects in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Engineering (credit-bearing)
Engineering Internships with college credits
Internship Abroad in Greece - for credit

Are you looking to gain hands-on engineering experience and earn course credit? Interns assist experienced design teams with ongoing engineering projects.

IT & Software Development (credit-bearing)
IT & Software Development Internships with college credits
Internship Abroad in Greece - for credit

For students passionate about IT, intern abroad to gain credit and collaborate with professionals, focused on research and state-of-the-art software.

Medical (credit-bearing)
Credit-bearing Medical internships in Athens
Internship Abroad in Greece - for credit

Credit-bearing Medical internships enable students to experience a rotation of medical departments, while assiting medical staff in hospitals and clinics.

Physical Therapy (credit-bearing)
Credit-bearing Physical Therapy Internships in Greece
Internship Abroad in Greece - for credit

Join Physical Therapy internships in Athens, to gain course credit and learn from experienced therapists across both surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Veterinary & Animal Care (credit-bearing)
Credit-bearing Veterinary & Animal Care Internships in Greece
Internship Abroad in Greece - for credit

Veterinary interns can earn credit and play a hands-on role supporting professionals with the care and treatment of both wild and domestic species.

Viticulture & Agriculture (credit-bearing)
Viticulture & Agriculture Internships with college credit
Internship Abroad in Greece - for credit

Join hands-on, credit-bearing internships, to learn about Viticulture & Agriculture in Greece. These are unique culturally immersive learning experiences.

Wildlife Conservation (credit-bearing)
Wildlife Conservation Internships with college credits | Intern Abroad HQ
Internship Abroad in Greece - for credit

Build your real-world conservation and wildlife rehabilitation skills while earning college credit on a Wildlife Conservation internship in Greece!

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