Image Classification Analysis on Nanomaterials - remote internships out of Bulgaria

Remote internships which focus on “Image classification analysis on nanomaterials’’ are hosted out of Sofia, Bulgaria, where Technical Consulting Services are provided for research and development projects, used for various educational projects. Currently there is a need for data analysis on nanomaterials, as well as for classifying aquarius species, and identifying fatigue and failure on metallic surfaces.

Data analysis and image classification analysis requires strong attention to detail and creative thinking. The ability to bring different perspectives to a task can always help ongoing research to achieve interesting and fruitful results. Interns will be involved in the analysis of scientific data which shapes the evolution of material science and other scientific sectors.

The internship role is interdisciplinary but mainly focused on Computer Science & Information Technology. The remote internship activities are focused on computer engineering, data processing and software development, IT support, web platforms and social media upkeep. Interns can expect activities related to training datasets, extracting information from images, analyzing data, and creating reports. This remote internship provides basic insight into machine learning for image classification analysis and statistical analysis of the results.

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Eligibility Requirement

Interns must have a strong understanding of computers and their use, along with a basic knowledge of statistics and experience in Python or LabVIEW Programming. This internship is conducted in English.

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