Computer Science & Information Technology Remote Internships

There is no better way to enhance your professional development as a computer science or IT student or recent graduate than by working alongside skilled teams of experienced professionals. Our affordable virtual computer science and IT internships are built for students, graduates and young professionals who are looking to gain invaluable learning opportunities while growing a global professional network.

Whether you’re interested in website or software development, project management or data analysis, we’ll connect you with a computer and information sciences internship that’s tailored to match your career aspirations as an IT professional.

With our flexible scheduling and remote placements, you’ll have the freedom to start your internship at any time with the flexibility of choosing your own working hours.

Explore our remote computer science and IT internships below and get started today!

Internships that make a differenceInternships that make a difference

Remote internship opportunities

Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking Remote internships out of Argentina

Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking  

Remote Internships out of Argentina

Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking interns out of Argentina play an important role in ensuring the safety of websites and IT networks across a range of companies and public organizations. Interns conduct authorized penetration tests to identify security vulnerabilities and weaknesses and recommend improvements.

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IT Remote Internships out of Czech Republic


Remote Internships out of Czech Republic

Virtual IT internships allow you to gain practical skills from home, while you assist with the technology needs of companies in Prague. Placements are available in businesses ranging from startups to large, multinational firms, offering experience in programming, testing, UX, or other IT specialties of interest to you.

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Development of Laboratory & Academic Department Virtual Tours Remote Internships from Greece

Augmented & Virtual Reality  

Remote Internships out of Greece

Cutting edge remote internships in virtual and augmented reality, developing apps for engineering data collection services or virtual tours. Interns gain hands-on knowledge in a fast-moving industry and contribute to the development of innovation solutions for industrial and academic clients.

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Cyber Security Remote Internships from Greece

Cyber Security  

Remote Internships out of Greece

Exciting remote internships in Cyber Security, focused on the research, development and application of concepts for securing communications and control in the modern world of aerial, land and sea unmanned vehicles. Expect to develop your knowledge and skill sets in regard to cyber security concepts and emerging technologies.

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Data Analysis & Machine Learning Remote Internships - Greece

Data Analysis & Machine Learning  

Remote Internships out of Greece

Data Analysis & Machine Learning remote internships are perfect for anyone interested in instrumentation or measurement systems. Interns are matched with technical consultancy firms, which work in the fields of industrial research and education. Remote interns learn about image classification, nanomaterials and customized laboratory software for data acquisition.

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E-Learning Platform Development Remote internships From Greece

E-Learning Platform Development  

Remote Internships out of Greece

This is a great internship for aspiring computer engineers and software developers. Remote interns help to develop a fun interactive e-Learning platform used by tertiary students all over Europe. Interns contribute to a long term project, involved with developing and populating learning courses on Moodle. Stages of development include configuration, GUI, content population and developing plugins.

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Internet of Things Remote Internships from Greece

Internet of Things  

Remote Internships out of Greece

Hands-on remote internships in the Internet of Things, offering exclusive skills and learning in a highly specified IT field. Virtual interns develop apps for collecting remote data from IoT devices, such as sensors and measurement systems in the maritime and agriculture industries.

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IT Agency Support Remote Internships out of Italy

IT Agency Support  

Remote Internships out of Italy

Intern in small IT agencies that provide tech support to a range of businesses in Italy. This internship offers broad experience in IT, in areas such as website and app development, cloud storage and APIs. Assist local IT professionals with project development and implementation, delivering solutions and building your IT expertise.

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Computer Science & IT remote internships out of Spain


Remote Internships out of Spain

Virtual IT internships, customized to your own interests to set you up for a rewarding IT career. Internships are available in exciting companies in Spain, ranging from software development, programming, web optimization, UX design, cybersecurity, app development and more.

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All Intern Abroad HQ programs include a guided reflection course, which combines personal development with professional competency building. Interns receive weekly reflection modules to complete during their program, which foster the acquisition of essential soft skills for employability and a resilient career. Each reflective journaling task introduces a new topic, presents learning objectives, and provides specific prompts that inspire and guide the learning process.

Intern Abroad HQ does not award grades for the completion of our internship programs, but interns can be supported to independently arrange academic credit through their home educational provider. Upon completion of the internship duration and reflection course, interns receive a portfolio as documentation of their experience. This includes a certificate of internship completion, alongside a summary of the internship goals, skill development, highlights, and a compilation of the reflection work.