Intern Abroad HQ has relationships with hundreds of cutting edge organizations around the world who offer internship positions through us. Both our internships abroad and remote internships offer intellectually stimulating work on important real world projects that have been designed to deliver genuine value to both you and the host organization.

We don’t work with large corporations where you’ll just be a number. We believe our interns gain a deeper and richer experience when they work with smaller, more nimble organizations where our interns can be offered higher value work that delivers real impact. So we collaborate with cutting edge tech start-ups, innovative growth companies, impact-led organizations, and other exciting businesses that offer interesting career-enhancing work experience, not just a brand for your resume.

We work closely with each applicant to find exactly the right placement for you, based on your skills, experience, education, and personal interests. Because each placement is highly customized, we can’t identify the exact position we propose for you until you have confirmed your commitment to intern with us by paying your placement fee. However, if you’re in any way dissatisfied with the organization or role we offer you, we’ll work with you until we find an internship that you’re 100% happy with.

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If you’re interested in one of the placements listed on this page, you can apply here and mention it in your application. Or, if you’ve already applied, you can email your Internship Manager to communicate any preferences.

Here are just a few examples of the fascinating organizations our interns have been placed into, across some of the most sought after career fields:
Accounting & Finance
  • A community-based microfinance business that provides credit to low-income people in Africa who need seed capital to start their business

  • A microfinance organization that helps small entrepreneurs to start businesses and empowers women to gain financial independence in Costa Rica - read a Finance intern’s experience here

  • An interior design company at the cutting edge of architectural trends

Business Management & Start Ups
  • A high performance start-up incubator with programs across four European countries that kick start new businesses right from their inception

  • A startup sustainable shoe manufacturer designing sneakers for both urban and outdoor activities

  • A wearables and Internet of Things technology business specializing in phones, watches, and virtual reality

  • An innovative tech startup whose software provides customizable driving holiday itineraries in Asia

  • A cutting edge fintech startup with software that helps financial advisors become more efficient in providing objective advice

  • An online adventure tourism business with over 100 employees, offering rich vacation experiences for inquisitive travelers

  • A leading Asian travel consultancy that works with local governments, associations and tourism businesses to promote their tourist assets

  • An online gifting business that specializes in sporting experiences for those who love cycling, running, triathlon or swimming

  • A real estate startup, specializing in residential and commercial sales and property management in Cape Town - read an Entrepreneurship intern’s experience here

Computer Science & Information Technology
  • A global tech company that designs and manufactures drones for emergency and rescue teams

  • A blockchain technology company that has a partnership with IBM

  • A fascinating cyber security startup that protects cars from being hacked

  • A technology-led education company that creates educational materials, training itineraries and courses to promote STEM vocations

  • An export consulting business that uses technology and algorithms to evaluate international risks

Education & Youth Development
  • A leading international educational center with a training program supported by advances in neuroeducation

Engineering & Biotechnology
  • A world leading biotech company whose mission is to improve clinical practice with the implementation of genome wide RNA analysis

  • A boutique motorcycle producer, which designs and builds custom-made motorbikes using 3D modelling software, AutoCAD and 3D printers

Environmental & Marine Sciences
  • One of the world’s foremost marine conservation institutes that’s committed to researching and defending biodiversity across the Mediterranean – read a marine conservation intern’s experience here

  • A non-profit foundation that offers prizes and mentoring to organizations that have innovative ideas for solving any of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

  • A world-leading environmental research institute set inside a boutique hotel in the middle of a tropical forest - read one of our intern’s experiences here

Hospitality, Events & Tourism
  • A tourism company specializing in historic buildings, galleries and gastronomy

  • A luxury hotel and leisure club in the heart of the Irish countryside

Law & International Relations
  • A leading human rights not-for-profit organization that aims to empower people across Africa through education, training, bridging, and advocacy

  • A leading legal aid organization in Africa with the aim of promoting access to justice, especially for women and children

  • A non-profit foundation that offers prizes and mentoring to organizations that have innovative ideas for solving any of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

  • A legal tech startup that automates contract editing and signing

  • An African law firm that focuses on anti-corruption work and criminal defence

Marketing & Communications
  • A world-leading professional Spanish football club – watch a video of one of our marketing intern’s experience

  • An influencer marketing agency that represents of some of Spain’s most high profile celebrities

  • A digital marketing agency with 273 clients that specializes in UI/UX web design and development, search engine marketing, social media advertising

  • A national radio station targeting new immigrants to help them integrate into local life through multicultural exploration

  • A through-the-line youth marketing agency that’s been running campaigns targeted at 18-24 year old consumers since 1998

  • A boutique PR agency staffed with former journalists

  • A brand building design agency operating across three continents

  • A leading African newspaper group with six publications in English, covering politics, economy, education, sports, and entertainment

  • A boutique sales, marketing and PR consultancy that works with some of Europe’s most sought after beauty brands

  • A popular African magazine publisher that covers stories about youth culture and lifestyle, including sexuality, relationships, and HIV/AIDS

Medical Electives & Health Sciences
  • A network of hospitals that covers all medical specialities with recognized prestige in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and oncological pathology

  • A general practice primary health care center in the Peruvian Andes, which forms part of the Ministry of Health’s program for supporting the unemployed - read a Physician’s Assistant’s internship experience here

Psychology & Social Work
  • An NGO supporting social projects and programs around entrepreneurship and health, and which also offers cooking classes

  • A psychology institute that helps people suffering from depression, drug dependency, family problems, sexual issues, and compulsive behavior

  • An innovative mental health service developing a virtual therapist to help patients manage stress, thought patterns and emotions from an App

  • A non-profit that works with disadvantaged women and girls in India to build self-esteem, financial independence, and education

Sales & Advertising
  • A real estate business operating out of beautiful coastal cities in Africa