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Business Administration & Start Ups

Business Administration & Start Ups Remote Internships

If you’re seeking real world experience in a dynamic business or start-up, Intern Abroad HQ’s virtual internships are the perfect opportunity to advance your career prospects and grow your global network. Our affordable online internships offer ambitious students, graduates and young professionals the opportunity to work alongside experienced business professionals in a global context.

Business interns who contribute their time and skills remotely, have the opportunity to assist across a broad range of activities. These may be related to marketing research and strategy, consumer research, development of online marketing, customer support and sales, project management, product development, and more.

  • Program Fees from US$998 for 100 hours
  • Includes sourcing and securing your placement, dedicated support, online orientation and coaching
  • Come away with a portfolio of your experiential learnings and an international reference letter
  • Intern remotely with host organizations in 5 countries
  • Apply now and get started within two weeks
Explore Business Administration & Start Ups internships
Gain academic or course credit
Everything arranged for you from US$998
Available year-round, start when you like
Intern part-time or full-time from anywhere
Choose your duration: 100, 200 or 350 hours
Personal online orientation & coaching
Get job-ready with our Experiential Learning Curriculum
Internships align with UN Sustainable Development Goals

Internship opportunities

Business Administration
Hosted out of Czech Republic
Business Administration Remote Internships out of the Czech Republic
Remote Internship hosted out of Czech Republic

Gain business administration experience with local companies in Prague. Virtual interns support Czech administrators, receptionists & assistants from home.

Occupational and Environmental Health & Safety
Hosted out of Greece
Occupational and Environmental Health & Safety Remote Internships out of Greece
Remote Internship hosted out of Greece

Remote Interns gain industry-standard Occupational Health & Safety knowledge learning from experienced mentors from consultancy companies in Greece.

International Business
Hosted out of India
International Business remote internships out of India
Remote Internship hosted out of India

Customizable remote business internship, hosted out of India. Assist with business research, mentoring start-ups, IT engineering and more.

Business Development
Hosted out of Spain
Business Administration remote internships out of Spain
Remote Internship hosted out of Spain

Personalized virtual internships out of Spain in a range of industries. Interns join local staff to develop and implement business development.

Business Development
Hosted out of USA
Remote Business Development Internships, hosted out of the USA
Remote Internship hosted out of USA

Gain a deeper understanding of growth strategies, new market opportunities and business processes through a remote Business Development internship.

Real Estate
Hosted out of USA
Remote Legal Practice Internships, hosted out of the USA
Remote Internship hosted out of USA

Real estate in New York is a major force in the city’s economy. Remote interns gain resume-building experience and insight into a fast-paced career.

Read reviews from our Business Administration & Start Ups Interns

”My internship aids my future career and goals in every way possible. This opportunity allowed me real first hand work experience, preparing me for a job, but at the same time, allowing me to gain college credit to help me assist my future academic journey. Overall, this internship has given me a lot of new skills and new abilities to be able to problem solve. I feel much more empowered, confident, and prepared for my future career.”

Read reviews from our Business Administration & Start Ups Interns

Our Affordable Remote Internship Fees

Our affordable Program Fees cover all our services to secure your internship position. This includes arrangement of your remote placement, our Experiential Learning Curriculum, and our support to you before, during, and after your remote internship to ensure it delivers maximum value for you.

  • 100 hours (3 weeks full time, or 5 weeks part time): US$998
  • 250 hours (8 weeks full time, or 12 weeks part time): US$1,348
  • 350 hours (13 weeks full time, or 17 weeks part time): US$1,648

A deposit payment of US$449 is required to secure your internship. Payment of the balance of your Program Fee fee is required within 7 days of being assigned a remote internship placement. Please note internships with Intern Abroad HQ are unpaid.