International Business remote internships out of India

International Business internships which are based out of Jaipur, India, are hosted through a business research and consulting company. This company conducts research on behalf of the government, as well as international organizations and private enterprises. Their reports contribute to policy making, feasibility studies, and planning and development for infrastructure and technology.

Examples of research projects that have previously been conducted include:

  • Economic assessment of the quality of a public education system
  • Market analysis for international Chambers of Commerce, based out of India
  • Market analysis and evaluation of development potential within the food processing industry

The research and consulting team who are based within Jaipur (about 20 full-time employees) have backgrounds in economics and engineering. Freelancers across a number of diverse industries may also lend their expertise to projects, on an as-needed basis.

In addition to the aforementioned activities, there are opportunities to gain experience in a food processing operation, an IT department and a franchise system of training centers which provides mentoring and incubator programs for start-ups. Remote interns therefore have broad scope to gain international business operation experience across a range of economic activities.

  • The food processing operation consists of a large industrial facility, for processing and packaging vegetables, fruits and grains. The facility provides cold stores, freezers, silos, processing and packaging machines, which small and medium-sized food companies may rent (with the help of government funding). Interns with an interest in this area may request to learn more about the underlying business concepts.

  • The IT department ensures that local programmers can develop IT solutions for customers. Interns may work remotely to support the IT team, depending on project priorities. Tasks may be related to both front-end and back-end web development (for example, using php, mySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JQuery).

  • The training centers that provide mentoring and support for start-ups are located in several locations within India. These initiatives offer short-term professional development courses related to fields such as information technology, e-commerce, and marketing. Remote interns have scope to work on administrative tasks which are related to these educational centers, while also gaining insights into the various start-ups.

With these details in mind, the nature of tasks which remote interns contribute to includes:

  • Collection and analysis of data
  • Administrative tasks
  • Development of business concepts
  • Regular feedback and tutoring from the Managing Director
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Eligibility Requirement

Interns must have a serious work ethic. At least one year of relevant college/university study in a related field is recommended but not required (i.e. studies related to business management, finance, accounting, entrepreneurship, IT, etc). Internship tasks are adjusted to suit your level of expertise.

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