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Intern Abroad in Argentina with Intern Abroad HQ

Remote Internships out of Argentina

Whether you’ve just completed high school, are studying at university, or reached your postgraduate level studies, our flexible remote internships enable you to gain practical real-world experience in your chosen career field. They include an experiential learning component, designed to record and articulate your personal and professional development. We support you to explore your passions, build employability, earn academic credit, and achieve meaningful goals.

Distance is no barrier on a remote internship, since you’ll collaborate virtually with international placements. Choose whether you prefer to commit to a part time or full time internship - the customizable nature of these programs enables you to participate on a schedule that suits you.

You’ll develop your cultural intelligence and communication skills, while building international contacts and learning from working professionals and mentors. Regardless of where you’re based, virtual internships provide a fun and engaging platform for accessing practical experience and a global perspective. Your supervisor will be available to help with tasks and provide feedback or assistance. You’ll have regular catch ups throughout, to cement your learnings and foster your development.

Doing a remote internship out of Argentina presents the chance to practice your Spanish language skills in a professional environment. Our Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking, and Sports Management remote internships offer hands-on experience in highly specialized fields, which can be hard to find, and can set you up for a highly successful career.

Explore Argentina internships
Gain academic or course credit
Everything arranged for you from $1099 (approximately 1099)
Available year-round, start when you like
Intern part-time or full-time from anywhere
Choose your duration: 100, 200 or 350 hours
Personal online orientation & coaching
Get job-ready with our Experiential Learning Curriculum
Internships align with UN Sustainable Development Goals

Internship opportunities

Hosted out of Argentina
Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking Remote internships out of Argentina
Remote Internship hosted out of Argentina

Cybersecurity interns conduct penetration tests as ethical hackers for companies in Argentina, finding weaknesses and recommending and implementing fixes

Hosted out of Argentina
Remote internships in Sports Management out of Argentina
Remote Internship hosted out of Argentina

Gain sports management experience at top pro football clubs in Argentina. Intern from home, and assist sport charities with marketing and community programs

Read reviews from interns working with organizations in Argentina

”I honestly enjoyed this experience so much that if I could change anything, I would have cleared my schedule so I could have had my entire focus on my internship. I had an absolute blast tinkering with various tools and received a ton of amazing feedback on my work.”

Read reviews from interns working with organizations in Argentina

Our Affordable Remote Internship Fees

Our affordable Program Fees cover all our services to secure your internship position. This includes arrangement of your remote placement, our Experiential Learning Curriculum, and our support to you before, during, and after your remote internship to ensure it delivers maximum value for you.

  • 100 hours (3 weeks full time, or 5 weeks part time): US$1,099
  • 250 hours (8 weeks full time, or 12 weeks part time): US$1,499
  • 350 hours (13 weeks full time, or 17 weeks part time): US$1,799

A deposit payment of US$499 is required to secure your internship. Payment of the balance of your Program Fee fee is required within 7 days of being assigned a remote internship placement. Please note internships with Intern Abroad HQ are unpaid.