Development of Mini Interactive Science Apps Remote Internships from Greece

This remote internship opportunity involves the development of mini interactive science apps. These apps are designed to provide students (or other interested parties) with the knowledge and skills that are traditionally accessed via physical lectures or courses. The app development will be made in appropriate software (basically freeware).The goal of developing these apps is to foster a modern educational environment, which is appealing to students and serves to enhance their interest and motivation.

This internship is hosted out of Greece, through the International Hellenic University (IHU). Their mission is the production and offering of knowledge in the field of Higher Education. IHU offers both pre- and post-graduate programs, in addition to lifelong learning programs using modern and classical teaching methods - as well as distance learning!

Interns should be prepared to engage with fresh ideas, which can be implemented through traditional and emerging technologies - from electromobility to the Internet of Things. Interactive mini science apps will allow a large audience to gain increased familiarization with science, helping to foster an open-minded community.

Remote interns have the opportunity to increase their skill sets and experience within a “distance learning” environment, while also being able to put their abilities to the test in a competitive professional environment, utilizing cutting edge technology.

Remote intens can expect to:

  • Become familiar with the science topics they’ll be working on
  • Focus on theoretical study/analysis of experiments to be designed
  • Develop content for one or two mini web apps
  • Become familiar with the software for the development of the apps
  • Develop interactive apps on a trial basis
  • Record guidelines for students/users of the mini interactive science apps
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Eligibility Requirement

At least one year of relevant college/university study in computer science, engineering, or a related field. A good understanding of information technology is also required, as programming skills are useful. This internship is conducted in English.

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