Development of an e-Learning Platform Remote internships From Greece

Remote internships which focus on the development of an e-Learning platform are available via two host organizations:

  • One may be hosted through the International Hellenic University (IHU). Their mission is the production and offering of knowledge in the field of Higher Education. IHU offers both pre- and post-graduate programs, in addition to lifelong learning programs using modern and classical teaching methods (and of course, distance learning!)

  • Another remote internship placement for the development of an interactive e-Learning platform can be hosted by a Technical Consulting Services organization, with offices in Athens, Greece and Sofia, Bulgaria, which focuses on research and development projects that are used for various educational projects.

E-Learning platforms are becoming increasingly important within both educational and professional institutions. This exciting internship not only enables interns the opportunity to develop their own remote working abilities, it also grants the creative scope to test their own skills and ideas in a competitive professional environment.

Remote interns collaborate with this team through project work that’s focused on the development and configuration of functionalities, on a Moodle based e-Learning platform. Specifications for the project will be provided to the intern.

While a basic understanding of computer engineering is required for this remote internship placement, interns should also come prepared to express fresh ideas and the ability to implement them across emerging technologies, such as smart systems, IoT measurements, and remote monitoring.

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Eligibility Requirement

Interns must have a strong understanding of computers and their use, along with a basic knowledge how to create and configure Moodle functionalities. This internship is conducted in English.

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