Eligibility requirement: At least one year of relevant college/university study in marketing, communications, business management, or a related field. Must have strong writing and communication skills, with social media expertise.

Associated career paths: Content Manager & Strategist, Virtual Reality Developer / Editor, SEO/SEM Specialist, UX Designer, Email Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing Manager, Analyst, AI Specialist, Digital Project Manager, Chief Marketing Officer, Social Media Specialist, Brand Manager, Media Coordinator

Internship details

Assist a variety of New Zealand businesses and NGOs with a wide range of real-world digital marketing initiatives. Contribute your skills in SEO, market analysis, content creation, email, online advertising or website and social media management to drive website traffic and brand recognition.

This is the age of everything being online. Digital marketing and social media are essential for companies in any industry, meaning there is high demand for marketing professionals with practical experience who can help businesses to stand out in this space. Our host companies need interns who can lead their campaigns, create and maintain brand awareness and be the one to educate those who are not so familiar with the opportunities through online marketing!

Remote Digital Marketing Internships out of New Zealand offer a wide range of placements, including NGOs, tourism operators, marketing agencies, insurance companies and educational organisations. Interns are able to contribute to a wide range of tasks, based on your strengths and your placement’s needs. Specific activities can include:

  • SEO analysis, review and improvement
  • Social media management and improvement of customer engagement
  • Creating and uploading articles, blogs, videos or photos
  • Developing and implementing digital marketing strategies or online advertising campaigns
  • Marketing analysis for business growth, using tools such as Google Analytics
  • Competitor analysis and market research

Interns are encouraged to initially spend time researching your placement company when you start your internship, gaining an understanding of what they do, who their customers are, and the best ways of driving engagement with them.

These internships are customized for each individual, and those with specific marketing skills or interests are encouraged to provide full details of your experience in your application so you can be placed on an internship that takes advantage of your existing skills, experience and interests.

Remote Digital Marketing interns learn from a qualified and experienced supervisor, and can be involved in:
  • Internal digital marketing analysis
  • Developing and implementing content and campaign ideas
  • Social media management
  • Creating original written and visual content
  • SEO
  • Market and competitor research
  • Online advertising analysis and strategy
  • Website maintenance
Professional development opportunities:
  • Learn and use content management systems, such as WordPress
  • Understand your placement industry and the needs of its customers
  • Contribute new and exciting digital content
  • Conduct SEO analysis and learn about how websites grow their online audience
  • Develop search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns
  • Gain experience managing social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn
  • Learn about the business environment in New Zealand
  • Gain practical skills and boost your employability, with guidance from Intern Abroad HQ’s Experiential Learning Curriculum to support your learning and cultural intelligence.
Typical schedule:
  • Virtual interns must manage their own time successfully. You’ll have the flexibility to work to a schedule that suits both you and your supervisor. Your schedule will need to accommodate online meetings with your supervisor when it’s required, so there will be times where you’ll need to be available during office hours in New Zealand.
Internship highlights:
  • Assist a New Zealand business with expanding to new markets
  • Gain practical digital marketing skills in a range of areas
  • Understand industry-relevant software and tools including Photoshop, content management systems and SEO analytics
  • Gain international work experience while interning remotely from home without having to travel
Types of host organizations:
  • NGOs
  • Tourism companies
  • Marketing agencies
  • Importers
  • Insurance companies
  • Educational organizations

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Program fees

It’s free to apply for this internship. Once we have reviewed your suitability and accepted you onto this program, you’ll need to pay a deposit of US$449 to confirm your place. The remaining balance of your Program Fee (less your initial US$449 deposit payment) will be due within 7 days of being assigned a placement.

Internship Duration Program Fee (USD)
100 hours (3 weeks full time, or 5 weeks part time) 100 hour options $948
250 hours (8 weeks full time, or 12 weeks part time) 250 hour options $1,348
350 hours (13 weeks full time, or 17 weeks part time) 350 hour options $1,648
  • To convert these prices to your local currency visit the XE currency converter.
  • All payments attract a 5% transaction fee to cover international banking fees and currency charges. International wire transfer payments attract a minimum fee of US$75.
  • Terms and Conditions apply

Program fee for remote internships

What it covers
  • Dedicated support before, during and after your internship
  • Securing your internship placement
  • Personalization of your internship plan
  • Orientation and coaching with your supervisor
  • Experiential Learning Curriculum
  • International reference letter