Best 2024 abroad & remote Fall internships

Are you struggling to secure your dream job because you don’t have the practical work experience needed to stand out to employers? 91% of employers prefer candidates that have work experience - and in today’s competitive market, taking an international internship can make all the difference.

Participating in a fall internship in 2024 or 2025 is the perfect way to kick off your gap year, graduate life or career break as it will enable you to gain global career experience, while setting you up to land an awesome job.

Whether you’re looking to explore your career path, gain academic credit or add an international reference to your resume - Intern Abroad HQ offers more than 290 internships across a diverse range of career and industry focused fields. With guaranteed placement within a cutting-edge organization working on high impact projects and an exclusive experiential learning curriculum to track your achievements, a fall internship can help you nurture the essential soft skills that employers favor.

We offer affordable fall internships abroad in some of the world’s most sought after destinations, as well as flexible remote fall internships that can be completed from your laptop to suit your schedule and compliment your busy lifestyle.

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Why Take a Fall Internship Abroad or Online?

Fall represents a time of change, a transition into something new. This can be considered true for students as well. Just because summer is over doesn’t mean that that the opportunity to take an internship abroad has passed you by.

Intern Abroad HQ offers rolling start-dates year-round, providing the opportunity for an international internship at your convenience - either from the comfort of your home or as part of an overseas adventure. Our fall internships are 100% customized to you, making them perfect for those looking to complete a semester abroad, take a gap year or recently graduated and looking to gain experience that will take them to the next level of employability.

Please note:

  • Forinternships abroad, you must apply at least 60 days before you want to start your internship. This ensures we have enough time to find the perfect placement for you and get you prepared for going overseas.
  • Remote internships are much more flexible as you can apply as late as two weeks before your preferred start date.

Where Can I Take a Fall Internship Abroad in 2024 or 2025?

Intern Abroad HQ specializes in affordable fall internships abroad in some of the most in-demand destinations around the world. The following intern abroad programs are accepting interns for in-country participation for Fall 2024 and beyond. Now is a great time to secure a leading placement as spaces are limited and Fall 2024 internship programs are in high demand.

Fall internships in Africa:
Fall internships in Europe:
Fall internships in North & Latin America:
Fall internships in Asia & Pacific:

Within each destination you can apply for your chosen field and our internship experts will work with you to find the perfect placement to suit your experience, skills and career goals once your deposit has been paid.

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What Career Fields Are Available For Fall Internships?

Here are the most popular internship career fields for Fall 2024. Click on your field of interest or keep scrolling to browse the full list:

Alternatively, you can explore all of our 27 career fields here.

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Fall Business & Finance Internships

Best Business & Finance fall internships 2024

Fall internships related to business and finance are available in a wide range of destinations and fields. These opportunities assist in helping you to gain practical skills in your chosen field. Interns get to learn firsthand how a business operates and allows you to use your fall break as the perfect opportunity to professionally develop your skill set.

Business internships emphasize teamwork, flexibility and the ability to adapt to the business landscape with daily activities being based on organizational priorities and the seasonal shifts in industry flow.

Our placements in these fields are extremely flexible with minimum durations beginning at just 2 weeks for internships abroad or 100 hours for remote internships. Business and Finance internships include placements within avenues related to, microfinance, event management, start up entrepreneurship, accounting, sales, tourism and hospitality, real estate and more.

Best Fall 2024 Internships Abroad in Business & Finance:

Best Remote Fall Internships in Business & Finance:

Ideal for those studying:

  • Business Management / Administration
  • Accounting and Finance / Economics
  • International Relations
  • Communications
  • Information Technology / Computer Science
  • Sales
  • Business Law
  • Human Resources

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Fall Psychology & Social Work Internships

Best Psychology & Social Work fall internships 2024

For those looking to use their experience to positively impact the lives of others this fall, why not consider a psychology or social work internship?

Intern Abroad HQ offers a wide range of programs in these fields, with opportunities available in Europe, Africa and even Asia. These internships are ideal if you want to compliment your studies in social sciences with a valuable professional experience abroad.

Expect to be involved in activities such as one-on-one meetings, presentations, individual and group work support around topics such as mental health, human rights and clinical research. You may also have the chance to shadow consultations, develop tools for psychological interventions and carry out research, as well as supporting children, at risk youth, refugees and people living with disabilities.

Best Fall 2024 Internships Abroad in Psychology & Social Work:

Best Remote Fall Internships in Psychology & Social Work:

Ideal for those studying:

  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Special Education
  • Social Work
  • Health Sciences
  • Nursing
  • Public Health

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Fall Engineering Internships

Best Engineering fall internships 2024

With Engineering, Architecture and Computer Science at the forefront of global technological development, the ability to develop your skills to match an ever-changing industry is a key to ensuring your employment within your dream career role.

Now is an exciting time to be a STEM student and an internship is an excellent way to supplement your studies and propel yourself ahead in this cutting-edge field.

As STEM intern, you have the chance to explore the areas of civil engineering, architecture, industrial engineering, digital manufacturing, renewable energy, machine learning, coding, data analysis, virtual reality, software development and much more.

Best Fall 2024 Internships Abroad in Engineering:

Best Remote Fall Internships in Engineering:

Ideal for those studying:

  • Engineering (civil, chemical, computer, industrial, environmental, electrical, mechanical)
  • Engineering Management
  • Renewable Energy
  • Digital Manufacturing
  • Architecture
  • Information Technology / Computer Science

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Fall Environmental Internships

Best Environmental fall internships 2024

If you love nature and want to pursue an active career that will be integral to the future of our planet, then our Environmental Science and Conservation internships are a great place to start. With environmental and conversation issues becoming a shared global focus, take this opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills to an organization abroad that is actively involved in long term sustainability.

Intern Abroad HQ offers a wide range of flexible remote environmental internships, which enable you to join leading conservation institutes and contribute to impactful projects from your laptop. For hands-on work, our environmental internships abroad enable you to get stuck into meaningful conservation work, such as sustainable agriculture and wildlife conservation projects.

Our Fall Environmental Internships allow participants to gain valuable experience in a number of Environmental fields including biology, conservation, reserve management, GIS, law, agriculture, marine biology and more.

Best Fall 2024 Internships Abroad in Environmental Sciences:

Best Remote Fall Environmental Internships:

Ideal for those studying:

  • Environmental Sciences / Studies
  • Environmental Law / Policy
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Resource Management / Environmental Planning
  • Geography
  • Sustainability Studies
  • Systems Ecology
  • Marine Biology
  • Agriculture

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Fall Law Internships

Best Law internships fall 2024

For those who are looking to put their experience in the fields of Law and Human Rights to the test in a professional environment, look no further than a law internship this fall. Experience how different cultures operate and hone their skills internationally.

With a number of specialized fields available including Environmental Law, Human Rights, NGO Support and International Law, interning abroad or remotely is a great way to find your niche and strengthen your development of your resume.

Your role may include engaging in paralegal work, assisting refugees and asylum seekers with their appeal processes (i.e. drafting letters, offering legal advice, assisting in the promotion of human rights etc). Interns will spend time familiarizing themselves with relevant documentation and laws, while gaining greater insight into how law is practiced at your destination.

Best Fall 2024 Law Internships Abroad:

Best Remote Fall Law Internships:

Ideal for those studying:

  • Legal Studies
  • Political Science
  • International Development / Relations
  • Philosophy
  • Environmental Law / Environmental Management
  • Human Rights

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Fall Marketing Internships

Best Marketing fall internships 2024

The global community is larger than ever, and more and more organizations are reaching out to new markets around the world. The need for skilled Marketing, Communications, Sales and Advertising staff is in high demand. With experience being the key to those looking to settle into these competitive fields as their future career.

A fall Marketing internship provides an opportunity to develop professionally and gain a greater global perspective from a marketing angle. Working on exciting real world marketing campaigns, these internships offer diverse placement opportunities that are suitable for people with a wide range of talents.

Intern Abroad HQ also offers a wide range of Journalism & Media, Graphic Design and Fashion Internships - with remote and overseas options available these are great options for creative thinkers this Fall!

Best Fall 2024 Marketing Internships Abroad:

Best Remote Fall Marketing Internships:

Ideal for those studying:

  • Arts / Fine Arts
  • Media
  • Design
  • Communications
  • Marketing
  • Commerce
  • Business Management / Administration
  • International Development / Relations
  • Information Technology / Computer Science
  • Human Resources
  • Education
  • Journalism
  • Linguistics

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Fall Medical Internships

Best Medical fall internships 2024

If you’re looking for an opportunity to experience how different cultures approach medical practices, consider interning abroad this fall. Covering a wide range of professional fields within this industry, such as, Nursing, Dentistry, Physician’s Assistant, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Midwifery, Radiology and more.

Through these medical internship programs, interns are rewarded with the opportunity to work closely with local health professionals to understand the cultural differences and applications that exist in different environments around the globe. Depending on your choice of internship destination, placements are most commonly located within local hospitals and clinics.

Best Fall Medical Internships Abroad in 2024:

Ideal for those studying:

  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Podiatry
  • Nursing
  • Midwifery
  • Public Health
  • Physiotherapy
  • Food Science / Nutrition
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Disability Care / Special Needs Care
  • Biological / Health Sciences

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Keen to intern abroad or remotely this Fall? All interns are supported throughout the process by a dedicated Internships Manager, who is available to answer questions via phone or email. Here's how to get started:

  1. Apply online first. The application process is non-obligatory and free.
  2. After applying, you'll receive more details on how to confirm your internship. Check out How it Works for an overview now.
  3. To confirm, you need to take care of a deposit payment first. This enables us to plan your specific internship and provide ongoing pre-departure support. All the internship fees can be reviewed online.