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Internships Abroad Summer 2017

Summer internships abroad provide the perfect opportunity to maximize your academic break! Short, high-impact opportunities ensure that you’ll benefit from focused internship programs that are as accessible, budget-friendly and flexible as possible.

Whether you’re aiming to obtain course credit, figure out where your passions lie, network within your industry or gain more experience within the workplace, Intern Abroad HQ offers goal-orientated internships for personal and professional development. Get ahead this year, while enjoying an incredible summer abroad!

Best intern abroad programs Summer 2018

Summer internships for college students

If you are a student or college graduate, summer internships provide an excellent opportunity to put your classroom learning into practice. Internships provide real-world settings where trial, error, learning and reflection are encouraged and supported.

As an intern, you’ll follow an experiential learning program that’s designed to foster the acquisition of practical skills. This approach is especially relevant for resume-building and better employability, so all interns receive documentation (upon completion) which summarizes your personalized internship learning outcomes.

Entry-level opportunities are available, with flexible start date and duration options, so scheduling your summer internship will be a piece of cake. Affordability of all internship programs is a top priority, in addition to superior learning support, meaningful community internship placements, and professional guidance at every step.

Whether you can join a program for just 2 weeks - or even up to 12 or 24 weeks - you’ll receive the full guidance of a dedicated Internships Manager to help you plan and prepare for your internship experience.

Benefits of summer internships abroad

What kind of internships are available?

Intern Abroad HQ offers international internships in a number of disciplines, so no matter what your field is, you can find a program to promote your professional development.

Business internships are available in the fields of Microfinance and Women’s Empowerment, NGO Support, Hospitality & Tourism and Eco-Tourism.

If you’re interested in environment, sustainability and biology, then you can expand your knowledge and experience through internships in Environmental Conservation, Wildlife Conservation, and Agriculture. Or - if you’re passionate about animal welfare - choose an internship in Animal & Veterinary Care.

Students looking to become future health professionals have access to affordable medical and nursing internships in a number of fields, which provide greater career insight and can enhance understanding of unique health perspectives. Explore internship opportunities in Special Needs Care, Health & Medical, Physiotherapy, Language Therapy, Psychology, Dentistry, Midwifery, Nutrition, or even intern as a Physician’s Assistant.

Education internships are equally diverse, with opportunities available in Kindergarten (Early Childhood Education), Teaching English / Education, Youth Development & Education, as well as Sports & Education.

Ready to begin? Check out our internship destinations and find the right program for you!

Guide to experiential learning 2018

How to plan your summer internship today!

  1. Apply online first. It’s important to plan ahead, as start dates during the summer months are popular and can fill up in advance. The application process is non-obligatory and free.

  2. After applying, you’ll hear from our Global Internships Manager within 2 working days (if not sooner). We’ll email you the details on how to confirm your summer internship placement and answer any questions.

  3. To confirm, you’ll register online after your application has been accepted. This means taking care of the US$299 Registration Fee, which enables us to provide services and pre-departure support - so that you an awesome internship experience over the summer. Program fees vary (depending on destination and duration). You can review them online.

  4. Once you’re registered, the adventure begins! Your Internships Manager will support you with planning and you’ll receive a comprehensive information guide, preparing you for a fantastic summer internship abroad!


Want more information? Here’s our guide on how to intern abroad. To understand why internships are important, we also break down the benefits and explain how you’ll be supported every step of the way. Have questions now? Please feel free to contact us.

How to intern

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