Best Internships Abroad for Summer 2024 with Intern Abroad HQ.

Looking to gain personal and professional development experience while exploring the world for your summer break? Interning abroad for summer is the ultimate way to get ahead in today’s job market, find your passion and get hands-on international experience that is highly sought after in graduates and young professionals.

Summer abroad internships offer the perfect opportunity to explore a new part of the world and gain real world career experience at the same time! From just $1129 (approximately 1129) for 2 weeks with your accommodation, airport pickup, meals, placement and everything in-country organized for you — our internships abroad are more affordable than your average vacation!

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Ready to secure a summer internship abroad in 2024? Want to find out everything there is to know about landing your dream summer international internship? We’ve developed this helpful guide to point you in the right direction:


  1. Why take a summer internship abroad in 2024?
  2. Where can you do an international internship this summer?
  3. What career fields are available for summer 2024 internships abroad?
  4. How does an international summer internship support professional development?
  5. How to apply for a summer internship abroad
  6. How to intern this summer if you can’t travel abroad
  7. FAQs

1. Why take a summer internship abroad in 2024?

If you’re a college student, you’re probably already thinking about how you can make the most of your summer. The beautiful thing about an international internship is that it allows you to make epic travel memories while enhancing your career prospects. With Intern Abroad HQ’s exciting range of summer internships, high school and college students can have the time of their life while opening up new career possibilities!

International internships allow you to explore your field of interest, gain real world experience and enhance your resume - all of which are critical to securing and developing a meaningful career. International experience is also a key asset in today’s job market, where most employers seek those with a global perspective, an open mind, the ability to adapt and cultural intelligence. A summer international internship provides an amazing platform to develop these essential competencies for a resilient career, all the while building enriching friendships around the globe.

Those who have spent their summers interning abroad consistently tell us they’ve developed personally and professionally in the following ways:

  • Gained increased confidence
  • Developed further skills and knowledge in their field of study
  • Enhanced their global perspective
  • Discovered lifelong friendships
  • Developed a new cultural appreciation

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2. Where can you do a summer international internship in 2024?

Intern Abroad HQ specializes in affordable summer internship programs in some of the best destinations around the world.

Summer is an extremely popular time for interning abroad. So once you’ve decided on an internship, we recommend paying your deposit as soon as possible. That way, you’ll secure your place on the program and freeze the price of your Program Fee. Plus, you can still make changes to your booking for free later on if needed.

The following internship destinations are welcoming applications:

Summer internships in Europe:
  • Czech Republic – internship programs in business, marketing, design, IT and education
  • Greecemedical internships for pre-med, pre-dentistry, physiotherapy and occupational therapy students, plus internships in marketing, agriculture, marine science & island conservation, physical therapy, wildlife conservation, veterinary, animal care, psychology, engineering, IT & software development, and cultural arts and heritage
  • Ireland – internships available in tourism operations, hospitality & hotel management, sales & marketing and education
  • Italy – large variety of internship placements available in architecture, design, marketing, sales, account management, and cultural and artistic heritage
  • Spain – a wide range of internships available in finance, business administration, engineering, law, graphic design, marketing & communications, medical & healthcare, education, psychology, NGO support, sales, trade, physical therapy, IT, engineering, architecture, and more
Summer internships in Africa & Middle East:
  • Jordan - internships in business development, filmmaking & production, graphic & web design, IT, marketing & communications, human rights & NGO support, and occupational & physical therapy
  • South Africa - internship programs across a diverse range of career fields, including human rights law, marketing, healthcare, tourism, journalism, event planning, start up entrepreneurship, physical and occupational therapy, psychology, real estate, social work, education, marine biology and wildlife conservation
  • Tanzania – a range of medical internships for healthcare students and professionals, teaching placements for interns with a passion for education, plus internships in social work, accounting, human rights and psychology
  • Zanzibar – internships in medical, psychology & social work, cultural arts, and tourism
  • Morocco - internship programs available in biology & med lab, human rights & NGO support, journalism & media, medical, microfinance, occupational therapy, education and women’s rights
Summer internships in North, Central & South America:
  • United States - intern abroad programs in business, legal practice, marketing, finance, real estate and more
  • Costa Rica – internship abroad programs in conservation, marine biology, media, finance, engineering, marketing, healthcare, veterinary, education and more
  • Guatemala- intern in fields such as medical, environmental, microfinance, veterinary, tourism and coffee production
  • Peru- internship programs in medical, marketing, veterinary, dentistry, psychology, education and more
Summer internships in Asia & Pacific:
  • Bali - a wide range of internships available in tourism, architecture, fashion, marketing, events, engineering, media, finance, real estate, social and community development, food science and more
  • New Zealand – a wide variety of internship programs within business, design, environmental science, social work, event management, IT, marketing, hospitality and more
  • Japan – internship programs available in education, business, media, and youth development

Within each destination, we have a range of industry specific internships. If you aren’t sure what destination or internship is right for you, our team of internship experts can work with you on identifying the right opportunity and next steps. It’s free to apply, so don’t miss out on getting your application in ahead of summer! Your expression of interest allows us to check availability, answer any questions, and provide details on how you can get the ball rolling.

3. What career fields are available for summer 2024 internships abroad?

Are you a college or high school student seeking a summer internship abroad? We’ve rounded up the best international internship opportunities and matched them with the relevant fields of study. Browse the list below or select your area of interest to skip to that section on this page.

Best Animal Care Internships Abroad in Summer 2024 with Intern Abroad HQ

2024 Summer Animal Care & Vet Internships Abroad

If you’re an animal lover, you’ll love these internships that are committed to the care and preservation of critters, big and small.

Intern Abroad HQ’s Animal Care internships have a broad scope, so whether you want hands-on experience or something conservation oriented, we can help point you in the right direction.

As an Animal Care intern, you’ll assist with basic care activities and shadow veterinarian professionals. You may also be involved in campaigns to drive awareness and solicit fundraising support to allow the ongoing work of local organizations.

Top picks:

Ideal for those studying:

  • Biological Science
  • Animal Behavior
  • Veterinary Medicine / Nursing
  • Environmental Science

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Best Business Internships Abroad in Summer 2024 with Intern Abroad HQ

2024 Summer Business Internships Abroad

Internships related to business and economics cover a wide range of placement opportunities which can help you to gain practical skills in your field. If you want to learn what makes a business tick, this summer is the perfect time to build your international network and gain real-world experience.

Our placements in these fields are some of our most flexible, with minimum durations beginning at just two weeks. Whether you’re passionate about NGO work, startups or large scale ventures, it’s never too late to get your foot in the door! Intern Abroad HQ also offers Business and Economics internships within more niche sectors, such as microfinance, women’s empowerment, journalism, event management, sales and trade, marketing communications and real estate.

Not sure what is best for you? Interns are placed within their chosen field based on an analysis of their skills and experience. Regardless of placement, these business internships promote collaboration, creative thinking and adaptability, as daily activities are subject to client requests and business priorities that are constantly changing.

Top picks:

Ideal for those studying:

  • Business Management / Administration
  • Accounting and Finance / Economics
  • Commerce
  • International Relations
  • Communications
  • Information Technology / Computer Science
  • Marketing
  • Business Law
  • Human Resources

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Best Education Internships Abroad in Summer 2024 with Intern Abroad HQ

2024 Summer Education Internships Abroad

If you are looking to make a real difference this summer, you should consider an Education and Childcare internship. This is an opportunity to provide basic learning opportunities while gaining insight into another country’s education system. Intern Abroad HQ offers a wide range of programs that are an ideal fit for education and teaching majors looking to build a career at home or abroad.

Want to teach English abroad as part of your internship? You could explore an Education and Childcare Internship in Valencia, Spain. You’d be placed in a private school that offers a bilingual curriculum, allowing interns who are not yet fluent in Spanish to teach and assist local staff with a wide range of subjects and curriculum.

You may be involved in activities such as one-on-one reading, oral presentations and individual and group support. You may also provide classroom assistance on the subjects of cooking, art and sports and take part in additional tutoring helping students that require extra classroom support.

Top picks:

Ideal for those studying:

  • Education
  • Education Psychology
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
  • Special Education
  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Physical Education

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Best Engineering Internships Abroad in Summer 2024 with Intern Abroad HQ

2024 Summer Engineering Internships Abroad

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and now more than ever, it is critical that our younger generation gains hands on experience within the industry. There has never been a more exciting time to be involved with technology, and the engineering field is the perfect way to get your foot in the door - plus engineering internships are in particularly demand at the moment. By gaining valuable experience abroad this summer, you can learn what inspires you most within the engineering field and how to propel your passions into a thriving and prosperous career.

As an Engineering intern, you may be at a digital manufacturing placement. Here, you’d spend your time in labs that are outfitted with specific software and manufacturing equipment and see first hand how concepts are transformed into tangible materials.

Tasks may include elaborating plans, impressions of pieces in 3D, assembly of different components and problem solving while also maintaining the general cleanliness of the lab itself.

Top picks:

Ideal for those studying:

  • Engineering (civil, chemical, computer, industrial, environmental, electrical, mechanical)
  • Engineering Management
  • Renewable Energy
  • Digital Manufacturing
  • Information Technology / Computer Science

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Best Environmental and Conservation Internships Abroad in Summer 2024 with Intern Abroad HQ

2024 Summer Environmental Internships Abroad

If spending your summer outdoors and staying active sounds like you, then you should consider an Environment and Conservation internship. These internships provide relevant fieldwork and survey experience, a chance to utilize GIS technologies for real-world applications and a chance to give back to nature.

Intern Abroad HQ’s internships will let you get your hands dirty while boosting your practical skills in some of the world’s most beautiful environments. You could spend your summer exploring diverse ecosystems and learning from professionals in the field!

“As an Environmental Conservation intern in Costa Rica, I helped with a diverse range of tasks. This included maintaining trails, setting up cameras to monitor the activity/health of wildlife, organizing the videos caught by these cameras, setting up butterfly traps to document species, photographing the flora and fauna, planting trees and working with a GPS. During the internship, I gained a better understanding of the problems faced in Costa Rica in terms of environmental policy and learned about policy/legal predicaments concerning illegal hunting in protected areas, as well as issues concerning climate change.” Nikki Maruya - (Intern Abroad HQ intern in Costa Rica).

Top picks:

Ideal for those studying:

  • Environmental Sciences / Studies
  • Environmental Law / Policy
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Resource Management / Environmental Planning
  • Geography
  • Sustainability Studies
  • Systems Ecology
  • Animal Behavior
  • Veterinary Medicine

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Best Medical and Healthcare Internships Abroad in Summer 2024 with Intern Abroad HQ

2024 Summer Medical Internships Abroad

Healthcare workers are of critical importance to society, and this isn’t limited to just doctors. Social workers, psychologists, special education professionals and dentists all make the world go around. That’s why Intern Abroad HQ provides internships in each of these domains, providing you with flexibility opportunities to gain experience within your particular field.

Intern Abroad HQ’s range of medical internships are ideal for pre-med, pre-dentistry, nursing, physiotherapy and occupational therapy students. As an intern, you’ll shadow and observe professionals across a wide range of departments and medical specialities.

“My long-term goal is to become a PA, so this internship provided me with some critical entry-level medical experience. Although it was in a different country, it was so valuable to see how medicine is practiced differently between two countries (U.S and Peru). As part of the internship, I learned how to evaluate patients, do physicals and check ups, take vitals, administer vaccinations and teach patients how to improve their health. This was a hugely valuable step forward to my long-term goal.” Anjeza Hoxhallari - (Intern Abroad HQ intern in Cusco, Peru).

Top picks:

Ideal for those studying:

  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Podiatry
  • Nursing
  • Midwifery
  • Public Health
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Disability Care / Special Needs Care
  • Biological / Health Sciences

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Best Psychology and Social Work Internships Abroad in Summer 2024 with Intern Abroad HQ

2024 Summer Psychology Internships Abroad

Are you an aspiring psychologist or social worker? These important lines of work require tangible, hands-on experience, and a summer internship abroad is the best way to achieve this. Intern Abroad HQ’s range of Psychology and Social Work internships will allow you to cultivate cultural intelligence while working alongside renowned industry professionals.

With internships available in Italy, Peru, South Africa, Spain and more, our summer internships will give you the experiential learning you need to progress your career. This is also an opportunity to have an overseas adventure, cultivate new friendships and learn about new cultures.

As a Psychology Intern in Valencia, Spain, you would play an observational role alongside trained local therapists, shadowing them in real life consultations and learning from actual therapy sessions. Placements are available across a range of environments, including private practices and clinics, healthcare centers, with non-profit organizations and social services. Interns in Valencia are also encouraged to learn Spanish while abroad in order to interact with the local team and patients.

Top picks:

Ideal for those studying:

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Counselling Psychology
  • Educational Psychology
  • Psychiatry
  • Health Psychology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Learning Mentoring/Tutoring
  • Special Education
  • Family Support Work
  • Youth/Social Worker

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Best Law and Human Rights Internships Abroad in Summer 2024 with Intern Abroad HQ

2024 Summer Law Internships Abroad

If you’ve been studying law or political science and want hands-on experience outside of the classroom, a summer law internship abroad could be for you. Practical experience learned through internships can help to inform your career path and narrow down areas of the interest that you’re most passionate about.

With opportunities available in specialized areas such as environmental law and human rights, internships are a great way to set yourself (and your resume) apart from your peers.

For example, as a Law & Human Rights intern in Cape Town, South Africa, you’ll engage in paralegal work and assist refugees and asylum seekers with their appeal processes (i.e. drafting letters, offering legal advice, assisting in the promotion of human rights etc). Interns also spend time familiarizing themselves with relevant documentation and laws while gaining greater insight into the problems faced by refugees within the region. Come prepared to embrace a new culture, work within a supportive team and build connections within local communities.

Top picks:

Ideal for those studying:

  • Legal Studies
  • Political Science
  • International Development / Relations
  • Philosophy
  • Environmental Law / Environmental Management
  • Human Rights

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Best Marketing and Communications Internships Abroad in Summer 2024 with Intern Abroad HQ

Summer 2024 Marketing Internships Abroad

Marketing and Communications is a rapidly growing international field - and experience counts! Build your professional portfolio, grow your global network and have fun exploring your creativity with Intern Abroad HQ’s internship selection.

From graphic designers and photographers, to writers, brand managers and social media whizzes, Marketing and Communications internships offer diverse placement opportunities that are suitable for people with a range of talents.

Placements may include startups, NGOs, and small to large companies within the private sector. Get a head start and a competitive edge through a proactive summer internship that will put your imagination and talent into practice.

“I came to intern in Greece to specialize in Photography and to boost my portfolio with wildlife and nature images, but I ended up doing so much more than that. I got to document all the amazing surveys other people were doing which helped me learn more about conservation. I photographed dissections going on in the lab, which has definitely been a new experience for me. I felt like I was really making a difference and getting experience in my field. I’m very grateful that Intern Abroad HQ are making these internships affordable and helped me get the experience I needed. I would definitely consider this organization if I were to do some other internship in the future.” Hedvika Michnova - (Intern Abroad HQ intern in Greece).

Top picks:

Ideal for those studying:

  • Arts / Fine Arts
  • Media
  • Design
  • Communications
  • Marketing
  • Commerce
  • Business Management / Administration
  • International Development / Relations
  • Information Technology / Computer Science
  • Human Resources
  • Education
  • Journalism
  • Linguistics

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Best Wildlife Conservation Internships Abroad in Summer 2024 with Intern Abroad HQ

2024 Summer Wildlife Conservation Internships Abroad

Calling all adventurous spirits! Are you seeking a summer internship that will combine professional development with the thrill of an African safari? All you need to participate is a positive work ethic, a passion for conservation and the readiness to get stuck in and make a real difference. Sound like you?

This is an opportunity to witness some of the world’s most diverse wildlife while helping to protect their natural habitat. Options are split between marine and terrestrial conservation priorities, so whether you’re a budding scuba diver or prefer to stay on land, Intern Abroad HQ has the right summer internship for you.

Interns aid in the collection of data that keeps wildlife reserves running on a long-term basis. Activities include daily game drives to observe the animals and the state of the reserve, upskilling on bush ecology, animal behavior, navigation and GPS and GIS techniques. These skills enable interns to assist with game transects, bird point counts, roadkill surveys, camera traps and fence patrols. The research offers progressive insight into this pioneering reserve location and directly informs ecological management decisions.

Top picks:

Ideal for those studying:

  • Environmental Sciences / Studies
  • Environmental Law / Policy
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Resource Management / Environmental Planning
  • Geography
  • Sustainability Studies
  • Systems Ecology
  • Animal Behavior
  • Veterinary Medicine

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Best Tourism and Hospitality Internships Abroad in Summer 2024 with Intern Abroad HQ

2024 Summer Tourism Internships Abroad

There is no better way to reach your career goals in the Tourism and Hospitality industry than to combine it with a meaningful experience abroad. Intern Abroad HQ offers flexible placements available year-round within Guatemala, Ireland, Peru and South Africa.

An example of an experience as a Tourism & Hospitality intern in Guatemala or Cusco, Peru, may include activities related to organizing tours, improving marketing and sales plans, scheduling reservations, website development and maintenance, SEO, social media activity, relationship building and assisting with direct sales to clients. When you’re not working on your internship during the week, you’ll have the weekends to enjoy the stunning destination of your choice!

Top picks:

Ideal for those studying:

  • Tourism Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Media / Communications
  • Marketing
  • Commerce
  • Business Management / Administration
  • International Development / Relations
  • Information Technology / Computer Science
  • Human Resources

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Best Cultural Arts Internships Abroad in Summer 2024 with Intern Abroad HQ

2024 Summer Cultural Arts Internships Abroad

Intern Abroad HQ’s affordable Arts internships enable you to cultivate cultural intelligence, build your resume, expand your global network, and polish vital soft skills for an exciting career in the arts. If you’re passionate about art history, anthropology, cultures, societies, arts and linguistics, or even digital art, our exciting range of Arts Internships enable you to gain the international work experience you need to stand out in today’s competitive job market.

Interns can assist with planning, organizing and fundraising for cultural events, planning exhibitions for galleries or museums, assisting on cultural or artistic trips, contacting artists and curators of other galleries, social media editing, research, data analyzing and reporting. Not only this, but interns are given the opportunity to shadow, assist and learn from well known artists as they go about their day to day work within their respective field. Outside of the internship activities, interns have weekends and evenings free to enjoy the attractions of their holiday destination.

Top picks:

Ideal for those studying:

  • Fine Arts
  • Culture
  • History
  • Classics
  • Philosophy
  • Art Preservation & Conservation
  • Art Curation
  • Art History

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Best Cultural Arts Internships Abroad in Summer 2024 with Intern Abroad HQ

2024 Summer Journalism and Media Internships Abroad

Set yourself up for success in the media world, enhance your communication skills and get hands-on experience in journalism, copywriting, presenting, advertising and other comms. Intern Abroad HQ’s affordable Journalism and Media internships enable you to cultivate cultural intelligence, expand your passion for digital media, radio, TV, newspapers, magazines or social media.

From cooperating with senior team members to progress day-to-day operations, assisting with production departments, liaising with authors to obtain content, collaborating with sub-editing and design teams, to assisting with the development of digital media strategies and campaigns, graphic design, video making, photograph, writing articles and preparing press-releases, there really is something for everyone.

Placements may include PR agencies, public service, charities, non-profit organizations, media companies, publishing companies, production departments, advertising agencies and private companies. Get a head start and a competitive edge through a proactive summer internship that will put your imagination and talent into practice.

Top picks:

Ideal for those studying:

  • Journalism
  • Media
  • Communications
  • Business
  • Management
  • Social media management
  • Web design
  • Public relations
  • Multimedia

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4. How does an international summer internship support professional development?

An international internship is supposed to challenge you, elevate your learning, enhance cultural awareness and facilitate the development of practical knowledge within your field. This experience is not complete without understanding your own goals, having intended learning objectives and being able to critically reflect on your journey and its outcomes.

Intern Abroad HQ supports this essential process by providing an experiential learning curriculum, with weekly tasks for interns to complete during their time abroad. The tasks are linked to universally transferable employability skills, such as communication, critical thinking, problem solving and resilience.

These exercises add an extra layer of support during your internship experience and provide the opportunity for you to articulate your most significant learnings. Upon completion of your internship, your reflection work acts as a great segue to sprucing up your resume, being able to ace your job interview and having the potential to stand out from the crowd.

Learn more about experiential learning

5. How to apply for a 2024 summer internship abroad

If a summer internship abroad is right for you, it’s time to apply! Anything worth doing in life takes time and effort, but Intern Abroad HQ and our team of intern experts makes it easy - we’ll support you every step of the way! You might be left asking yourself, “what do I need to organize in order to make a summer internship possible?” Let’s work through your to-do list:

Set your expectations and budget

Before you pack your bags and order that uber to the airport, you first need to ask yourself what you want from this experience. We recommend talking to friends and family members for ideas and input on what opportunity is right for you. Are you solely seeking an internship that progresses your career, or are you interested in an internship that equally delivers an enriching cultural experience? All things are possible with a summer internship abroad, but establishing priorities and setting realistic expectations early will help you get clear on where you should go and what you should do.

Prep, prep, prep

Good things happen when opportunity is met with preparation, and when it comes to going abroad, timing and convenience is critical. That’s why we offer flexible start dates and both short and long term durations, so you can plan and embark on your internship when best suits your schedule. We recommend that you begin planning in advance so that you have ample time to research destinations, book affordable flights and consider the tourism excursions you might like to schedule during your free time. If you know you have a lot of fundraising or saving to do, the more lead time you give yourself, the better off you’ll be.

Select your internship

It sounds straightforward, but this can often be the trickiest part. If you still need help matching your skills to the right summer internship, have a friendly and non-obligatory talk with our expert team.

Once you’ve selected your ideal internship field and destination, you’ll have greater clarity to outline your budget and travel plans. Your budget will include both the price of your internship placement and personal spending allocation for in-country expenses. Support from Intern Abroad HQ also includes:

  • Convenient access to flexible humanitarian flights booking
  • Secure accommodation abroad arranged in conjunction with your internship placement

Determine your budget

When it comes to budgeting, Intern Abroad HQ offers the most affordable summer internship opportunities out there. This leaves you with extra dollars in hand so you can enjoy the fine cuisine and attractions of your new temporary home. If you have a set budget, check out our fees page to align yourself with the best destination option. If you’re still not sure what you need to include in your budget, stick with us and we’ll outline all the details you need to consider.

The cost of an internship ranges based on the following factors:

  • Initial deposit (US$499 to secure your spot)
  • Program price (prices start at $1099 (approximately 1099) and vary by destination and duration)
  • Flights (prices vary depending on date of departure and destination)
  • Insurance (gain a free and non-obligatory quote via our services page.)
  • In-country expenses (depending on your destination, we recommend a budget of approximately US$100 per week at the minimum). - You may budget extra for add-on such as tourism excursions or even language lessons.

Work with your university

Depending on your motivations for taking an internship abroad, it may be possible to work with Intern Abroad HQ and your university to receive course credit and even financial support. We’ve collaborated with a number of universities over the years, including San Diego State University, Coastal Carolina University, Northeastern University and Southern Utah University, so we are experts in helping students to facilitate course credit and explore funding support which may be available through various academic institutions.

At the end of the day, we understand everyone’s situation is different. Our team of experts can take your preferences on board and make recommendations that best work for you. If you have an idea, just run it by us and we can chat through some options which may be a fantastic fit.

6. How to intern this summer if you can’t travel abroad

If you’re looking for an alternative to interning overseas this summer then consider a remote internship!

Intern Abroad HQ’s virtual internships provide a proven platform to master your project management and communication skills, practice in-demand skills within a specific career discipline, and make your resume stand out - all from your laptop!

  • Choose from 68 remote internship programs, hosted out of 17 destinations worldwide
  • Complete your internship from your laptop at home, or anywhere in the world
  • Start when you like and choose your own hours for a part or full time schedule that can flexibly accommodate other commitments
  • Grow your global network online and connect with internship colleagues via video calls, instant messenger and email
  • Remote internships are the most affordable investment as you won’t be paying for flights or other travel costs

Explore remote internships

What are available dates and payment deadlines?

Most internship destinations have start dates every week. Others may have start dates at least twice a month. Internships are available year-round, so you can choose the start date and destination that works best for your schedule. All participants are encouraged to plan in advance, so that you allow yourself ample time to secure your spot and make international travel arrangements. We encourage interns to ideally register to confirm participation no less than 8 weeks in advance of their chosen start date.

How do I apply?

Applications may be submitted year-round via our Intern Abroad HQ webpage. Applications are considered as a formal expression of interest, so that we can learn more about what you’d like to do and outline the next steps, to help you put plans into motion. It doesn’t cost anything to apply and being accepted to proceed does not obligate you. However, it is the essential first step to making your internship happen!

Am I guaranteed an internship within my chosen field? If after submitting your application, you are invited to confirm your participation, then we can facilitate an internship placement for you within your chosen field. This will be arranged taking into consideration your existing skills, experience and educational background (as stated through your initial application). We are always happy to hear your preferences and do our utmost to accommodate them accordingly but they can not be guaranteed.

What happens after I confirm my participation by paying the program fee deposit? Once you have paid your deposit to confirm your internship participation, our team can begin to confirm arrangements for you! We’ll support you with every step so that the “list of things to do” is clean cut and straightforward. We’ll require you to provide us with your resume at first and complete an online interview, which assists us to learn more about your goals and experience. All interns must also submit a clear criminal background check.

For the travel logistics (flights and travel insurance) we can also provide you with affordable booking options. You’ll receive your Intern Abroad HQ Internship Manual, which provides valuable preparation details (i.e. arrival and departure instructions, your packing list, information about the local team who’ll be supporting you in-country, guidance on the local culture, and much more). Once your specific internship placement has been assigned, you’ll additionally receive this information so that you may thoroughly prepare prior to the start date.

When will my specific internship placement be confirmed?

Confirmation times vary, depending on a number of factors such as the destination and internship field you choose, along with how much advance notice you provide. Importantly, the sooner an intern provides their resume and pre-departure online interview, this also enables us to confirm the specific placement faster. If you’re planning more than several months in advance, note that your specific placement might not be confirmed until a little closer to the actual start date.

Will I be with other interns?

While some internship placements are based with large organizations or companies, which can have broader scope to receive multiple interns, in most cases, interns should not expect to be working alongside many other interns. However, within the internship destination itself, there are typically others who are participating across a range of different placements. Therefore, although you may not be based at the same placement with others, you can still expect to have social opportunities with other interns, volunteers or students, who are being simultaneously hosted by the same local team.

Can I get course credit? Every academic institution may have a unique policy for granting credit for an international internship. It is the responsibility of every intern to check with their own university to ascertain what the criteria is for obtaining credit and ensuring that any relevant requirements are taken care of. We are always happy to cooperate, where possible, with this process and many students do successfully utilize our internship programs to obtain academic credit. All student participants are always encouraged by Intern Abroad HQ to get in touch with the relevant office at their university prior to joining the program, to receive any resources, support or funding opportunities that the university may be able to provide.

Will I need a specific travel visa?

Whether or not you would need to obtain a visa prior to travel is influenced by your nationality (the country that has issued your passport), the country you are traveling to for your internship, and the number of weeks that you aim to intern abroad for. In most cases, interns are eligible to receive entry upon arrival, for tourism purposes, and this is typically sufficient for short-term internships that are voluntary in nature. However, in some cases interns may be required to obtain a visa in advance, through an embassy or consulate. We recommend that you contact our internships team so that we can provide you with more specific guidance, depending on your personal travel intentions.

Do I have to arrange my own accommodation? No - the internship program fee is in place to cover accommodation for the duration of your internship abroad. In some destinations, accommodation upgrades are available for those who’d like to pay extra for different options. The type of accommodation provided on Intern Abroad HQ programs varies from country to country. For more information about the type of accommodation provided, visit the specific destination page that you are interested in via our Intern Abroad Destinations webpage.

Are these paid internships?

No - Intern Abroad HQ does not offer paid internship positions. Our internship programs are focused on experiential learning, which are designed to introduce people to aspects of a work environment. Over the course of the internship, Intern Abroad HQ facilitates a guided reflection program, which leverages the experience and encourages participants to understand how the internship role contributes to their personal and professional development. In some cases, students may utilize the internship position in order to gain academic credit (which must be arranged directly by the student, through their academic institution).

Why do I have to pay to intern abroad?

Paying the internship Program Fee confirms your place on the Intern Abroad HQ program of your choice. This is the fee that allows us to operate as an organization and facilitate your internship journey, providing support and customer service from start to finish.

The Program Fee is a separate payment, which is necessary to cover the expenses associated with your living expenses and support abroad. It is transferred to the local team that hosts interns during their internship abroad, as it pays for airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, food and 24/7 staff support. Additionally, the Program Fee covers the learning support and service associated with the Intern Abroad HQ Guided Reflection Course, which is completed during all of our international internship programs.

Note that unpaid internships are in place to support the learning experience of the participant - interns are not in a position to act as a regular employee would. For this reason, the experience is focused on enhancing your employability skills, cultural intelligence, international networks and building your resume.

What do I receive after completion of the internship?

When you join an Intern Abroad HQ internship program, you’ll compliment your career experience by completing our guided reflection course. In order to successfully complete this, you must submit a journal entry for every week of your program duration. We will email you the weekly reflection topic, along with its learning objectives and questions.

Upon completion, you’d receive this compiled work as documentation of your experience, as well as a certificate of internship completion. Before your departure from the internship, you’ll also be asked to complete a “Wrap-Up Report”, which helps form the basis of a reference. We also encourage interns to request a direct letter of reference from the supervisor prior to departure, should additional documentation be desired.